Singapore Daily Special: Odex Saga

Odex Letter

Riuva: Breaking News!! Big Brother’s Watching You . [PDF]
SPUG: [!!!] Big Brother’s watching you watch animes!! [!!!]

What You Are Saying
HWZ EDMW: MO: EDMW Anti-OD3X SHIRT (Two Designs!)
The FØØL’s Progress: 逆襲のオタ (Protest at Youth Park)
DarkMirage: An Open Letter to Odex

The [S]Expose
HWZ EDMW: Odex director exposed [archived]
Atarashii Prelude: how do i gotten pwnt
The alleged comments by xysing
DarkMirage: Odex — having your cake and eating it too

Odex loses case against Pacnet. Singnet’s no-action questioned.
Siew Kum Hong: ODEX Pte Ltd v Pacific Internet Limited
Insanepoly: Glad I Am Not A Singnet Subscriber

Odex To Appeal
HWZ EDMW: [EDMW Odex Newsflash 28-Aug-2007]Former hacker to help appeal against court ruling

Update 30 Aug 2007
HWZ EDMW: SingNet: We did not “consent” to Odex
HWZ EDMW: Anime Case: Odex had ‘no right of civil action’

Slashdot: To Media Companies, BitTorrent Implies Guilt (BayTSP method refuted)
Exploring: Big Media DMCA Notices: Guilty until proven innocent (more doubts on BayTSP method)
SGCafe: What’ll make you buy anime DVDs released by ODEX?
938 Live – Odex’s clamp down on illegal anime downloads – is the spirit of the law abused?

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