Daily SG: 30 Aug 2007

Raising Cost Of Living

Online Citizen: The relentless rising cost of living in Singapore
Hello Land of Ever Increasing Fares/Bills/Prices
HWZ EDMW: The relentless rising cost of living in Singapore

Police Rejects Opposition Party outdoor Event
Online Citizen: In Parliament: government’s reply poorly reasoned, insulting
Mr Brown: Police: outdoor gatherings by political parties in open areas potentially dangerous
Urban Rant: Police cannot ensure safety and order in Opposition’s outdoor event, so reject application
The Itch To Write: Permit for WP Cycling event was declined… “City of Impossibilities”
sgForums: Police Reject Permit For Workers’ Party’s Cycling Event

Compulsory Anuities
Insanepoly: Sad State Of Affairs

Odex Saga Update
HWZ EDMW: SingNet: We did not “consent” to Odex
HWZ EDMW: Anime Case: Odex had ‘no right of civil action’

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