SG Daily Special: Ho Peng Kee, hearing aids and bicycles

“…Prof Ho retorted: ‘If you listened very carefully Mr Low, I don’t know whether his hearing aid is with him because he wears one, I said there is a greater potential for law and order. You may be well-behaving, but there may be other people whom you come across when you cycle who may stop you, may want to debate with you and that may attract a crowd, and therefore will result in problems the police want to avoid.’…”

The Straits Times: Outdoor events by political parties banned
Aug 28, 2007, Jeremy Au Yong

Music from the Masses
– Mr Brown: Police: outdoor gatherings by political parties in open areas potentially dangerous
– Decay On Net: Workers’ Party should not be allowed to hold cycling event
– Urbanrant: Police cannot ensure safety and order in Opposition’s outdoor event, so reject application
– My life is a yoyo: Mr Ho, I know lah WP cyclists talk about politics in East Coast…
– Worm in the Big Apple: That was a low blow, man.
– Sleek’s Site: So disgracing!
– Shmoo.: Welcome to the I-will-vote-for-a-monkey-over-you club
– My Bitching Area: Surprise, surprise… NOT!
– nofearSingapore Singapore-City of im-Possibilities

Forum Chat
– HWZ: Childish remarks from our high pay minster?
– ST Discussion Board: Outdoor political events should be allowed
– sgForums: Police Reject Permit For Workers’ Party’s Cycling Event
– Coffee Shop Talk: Loser PAP MP hits below the belt

Words From Hougang
– The Hammersphere: Nonsensical arguments from a Minister Of State
– A Singapore Odyssey: “Hearing aid” remarks unbecoming
– The Itch To Write: Permit for WP Cycling event was declined…”City of Impossibilities”
– 包容性社会?优雅社会?
– The Wheel’s Still In Spin: An uncouthed minister…an abject disgrace to Singaporeans

– 政党户外活动可能引起骚乱 工人党申请脚踏车活动被拒
– ST Forum: Govt’s call for greater civic role has clear limits

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