Daily SG: 4 Sep 2007

Daily Discourse
– Online Citizen: Senior government officials should do better
– Singapore Angle: What attributes should the next PM have?
– Mollymeek: Pragmatism is not an ideology
– Parlement: Singapore elitism at its best

Ho Peng Kee, hearing aids & bicycles
– Aaron Ng: Some parties are more equal than others?

– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: That wonderful CPF scheme…

– ST Forum: Govt’s call for greater civic role has clear limits

Odex Update
– Singapore Angle: The Chronicles of Odex: the ISPs, the Downloaders and the Customers’ Privacy
– EDMW: have odex conceded defeat for the time-being to save the company???
– EDMW: Odex stops sending out backlogged letters. What now?
– EDMW: Stephen Sing Explains
– EDMW: Odex Pheonix Wright Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
– EDMW.sg: ODEX – Chronology

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