SG Daily: 5 Sep 2007

NSF caught with rifle
– EDMW: Reminder: All SAF personnels are not supposed to leak internal information to outside [Original thread about the incident was apparently hastily removed by EDMW mods]
– Random Thoughts of a Free Thinker: ST: “Nabbed in Orchard Rd after hunt: NSF with rifle, ammo”!?
– zm. the poor bloke: NSF up lorry [removed by author]
– EDMW: [GPGT] Armed SAF serviceman caught.
– EDMW: Pictures of Dave Teo Ming from his ex blog
– SPUG: NSF arrested for leaving camp with rifles, bullets
– VR-Zone: News report the armed AWOLEE caught at Orchard
– EDMW: Armed and AWOL: Nabbed NS man’s story unfolds
– Bored Dad’s Roar: NSF arrested with armed weapon!
– EDMW: Sounds like Dave Teo Ming’s ex-gf is a liar

4th University
– Mr Wang Says So: The 4th University And Other Simpler Options

Ho Peng Kee, hearing aids and bicycles
– Mr Brown Cycle safer with Young PAP

What troubles the PM
– Singapore Patriot: Troubled families: Malay problem or Singapore problem?

Confessions of a SG Booth Babe
– Out Of My Mind: Comex 2007

Odex Update
– EDMW: The New Paper Exclusive: Local anime fans berate Odex’s voice-overs

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