Daily Sg: 6 Sep 2007

Ho Peng Kee, hearing aids & bicycles
– Simple is the Reason of My Heart: It is a Political Reality from the Bicycle
– Singapore Patriot: What the WP cycling event ban has revealed

– Aaron Ng: More brickbats for the CPF

4th University
– Onlinecitizen:What has university places got to do with compulsory annuities?

NSF caught with rifle
– Military Life: Are our NSmen/NSF mentally stable?
– DJ Lamb: Foolish NSF – CPL Dave TM
– VR-Zone: Nabbed NS man’s story unfolds
– EDMW: Photo of Dave Teo Ming girlfriend?
– EDMW: Want to see the blog? Last chance!

– Student Blog Project: Local Hosting vs Overseas Hosting
– IZ Reloaded: Website sells unlocked iPhone to Singaporeans
– Marina’s Bloggariffic: Vivo Vespa first year anniversary

Odex Update
– ZeroHero: Odex To Stop Issuing Legal Letters
– Message of the Day: Odex, Throwing the White Towel?
– Subcourts Website: Official Odex judegement [PDF]
– mrbrownshow: the mrbrown show: pride and punishment

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