Daily Tech: SG [heart] iPod

It’s great to find tech articles written by local bloggers. We wished we could find more local tech reviews and sports commentaries but the reality is that they are quite rare. Hopefully our highlighting them in SGDaily will encourage others to write more in these areas.

New iPods
– theory.isthereason: Those new iPods are pretty awesome, except…
– Urbanrant: Has Apple touched you yet? Goodies for the holidays
– Bernard Leong: Why Apple come up with iPod Touch
– The eOK .network: What we could wiki in Singapore
– I saw love in your eyes: The new Ipod! ZOH-MY-GOD!
– Intelligently Retarded: OMG THAT NEW IPOD NANO!

Games Convention Asia
– fartboystinks: Games Convention Asia – with HOT COSPLAY CHICKS! OMG!

WordPress 2.2.3
– bconfused: WordPress 2.2.3 released, security fixes and all

Facebook MMOG
– Entrepreneur 27: Launch of First Facebook MMOG from Singapore by TYLER Projects

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