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Daily SG: 11 Sep 2007

I have never, nor will I ever, read blogs
- Rambling Librarian: I HAVE never, nor will I ever, read blogs” (Part 2)
- Otterman speaks: “I HAVE never, nor will I ever, read blogs.”
- She doesn’t read blogs

Daily Discourse
- Legal Janitor: Be careful when you wish for black and white
- Yawning Bread: Fun with FOI
- Insane Polygons: Water, Water, Everywhere…

Coming Out in SG
- Otto Fong: Thank You All!
- Aaron ng: A salute to Otto Fong
- The Online Citizen TOC Breaking News: Gay teacher deletes his “coming out” article
- The Online Citizen: TOC Exclusive: Otto Fong’s Open Letter

CPF and Annuities
- Razzle Me: Much ado about CPF

Black Saturday
- The Online Citizen: TOC Report: annuity protest draws small crowd
- redbean: Finding a new way to engage the govt

Odex Update
- The Fool’s Progress: 「ODEX倒す!!」: The Making Of
- Otakurean? :Our drill will thrust through the heavens!
- mrbrown: Singapore police sends 4 riot buses to deal with Ultraman?

SG Biz
- Sg Entrepreneurs: Scoop of The Day: Mobile Weapon:BattleStations – Tyler Projects
- Sg Entrepreneurs: In Conversation with Eric Feng, TheFAQBook on Public Speaking + Special for SGE readers
- Young Upstarts: Despise Not The Humble

Life, the universe and everything
- My Play Pen: Living in the 1920s
- Decay On Net: I love wireless@sg
- VR-Zone: Concrete slab fell from ceiling!

- A tiny blip in the contnuum: Amex Urban Beach Bash wrap-up, in pictures

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