Daily SG: 19 Sep 2007

Parliament Sitting 17 Sep 2007
– The Online Citizen: Highlights from Parliament
– Beyond SG: Minister George Yeo’s replies to Parliamentary Questions on 17 Sept 2007
– Singapore Life and Times: Shifting Track
– Andrew Loh, TOC: Subtle but significant shift in government’s stance
– Siew Kum Hong: Speech on the Ministerial Statement on CPF Reforms
– Singapore Alternatives: The Stingy Government
– Loveless Summer: Wow! Having oral and anal sex is now legal in Singapore!
– My Singapore News: Best suggestion from Lily Neo
– Enblocing Singapore: Parliamentary Responses to Collective Sale Queries
– HWZ: Official CPF changes .. and Longevity Insurance
– Coffee Shop Talk: Special Account Cut to 2.5% PA in 2009!
– HWZ: Buay tahan this MP Seng Han Thong
– Youtube: Parliament Speech – Low Thia Khiang on CPF

CPF & Annuities
– My Singapore News: A chicken and egg story
– HWZ: Those below 55 FORCED to buy Annuities

Daily Discourse
– Enblocing Singapore: Banning Enblocs on Newer Buildings
– The Itch To Write: Eric Low’s Dialogue Session
– Cowboy Caleb: NYTimes Now Free, Straits Times Online Is Not
– HWZ: Jail u 15mths with $3.x mil of “unrecoverable” cash, u want?

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