Daily Tech: SG Tech Talk

SG Tech
– theory.isthereason: Behind the scenes: Playing with the iPod touch @ Apple Store
– Sriram Krishnan Live: Mark Zuckerberg’s sister causes stir with video
– mrbrown: The Great Web Whiteout with Adblock Plus
– harmless? bananas!: why blogs matter, even when everyone’s doing it
– jacktan.org: Maple hack
– theory.isthereason: No time to blog? Why you should start your own lifestream…
– ShaunChng.com Intel to launch Penryn on Nov 12th, USB 3.0 proposed
– Ahh.. Chewww! Office 2003 Service Pack 3
– HWZ: Apple iPod Touch – A One-Hour Hands On Session
– HWZ: Preview: Sony Ericsson K770i

Tech News
– iLounge: Comments, Pics and Observations from a 5G User [iPod Touch]
– Daily Tech: Apple Locks New iPods to iTunes
– Daily Tech: RIAA Loses in Precedent-setting Case
– The Observer: The future for Orange could soon be Google in your pocket
– Hardspell.com: Intel C2Q 9000 (Yorkfield) and C2D 8000 (Wolfdale) Launch Dates and Specs
– PC Mag: IBM, Google take aim at Microsoft’s Office dominance

SG Biz Talk
– Who is Andrew Wee: Customer Relationship Management = Huge Long Tail Profits?

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