Daily SG: 21 Sep 2007

Parliament Sitting 17 Sep 2007
– The Void Deck: Sections 74 and 298A
– Enblocing Singapore: Parliament Passes Land Titles (Strata) (Amendment) Bill
– Enblocing Singapore: Comments on Parliamentary Debate on Amendment Bill

Democracy Now Hong Lim Park Protest March
– Chemical Generation Singapore: Some Thoughts about the Recent SDP Walk
– Chemical Generation Singapore: Foreign Interest and Foreign Interference in Singapore Politics
– sgForums: SDP march for foreign audience
– Coffee Shop Talk: What’s CSJ link with foreign activists?

Pink Issues
– Mr Wang Says So: Why Homosexuality Should Be Decriminalised in Singapore
– Personal Response to Current Affairs: Homosexuality and Politics
– The Daily Backtrack: Why 70% doesn’t matter
– All and Sundry Singapore: You’ve Got A Problem With Gays and Lesbians?

CPF & Annuities
– My Singapore News: My position, no change
– Chemical Generation Singapore: More than Marketing is Needed
– My plain sunset: Recent CPF Debate
– Aaron Ng: Government will not take investment risks on behalf of CPF members
– Leong Sze Hian, TOC: Is compulsory Longevity Insurance necessary?
– EDMW: Siew Kum Hong’s Speech on the Ministerial Statement on CPF Reforms!

Daily Discourse
– Molly Meek: Discrimination Against Straights
– Dansong: Ethnosophy, Implausible City
– Singabloodypore: The Singapore Socio-Political Blogosphere: Is it a Habermasian Public Sphere?

Life, the universe and everything
– JB Jeyaretnam’s Blog: Mr JBJ won case on his Practice Cert!
– chenmunn’s Site: Singapore’s Bid for the Youth Olympics – A Make or Break Situation
– EDMW: Some mega churches affect students adversely
– HWZ: NUS High School Hostel invaded Students’ privacy. Outrageous.

– Martyn See: Banned film to screen in Johor Bahru

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