Daily SG: 19 Oct 2007

Source: Stu’s Views through Ah Tiong

Section 377a
– Decay on Net: Repeal 377A
– slackerism: Repeal 377A
– The Void Deck: Flash: A New Hope
– Rantings of a Procrastinator: Shiny happy people holding hands
– mollymeek: Keep 377A . . . because homosexuality is bad
– The Universe Within: A response to “a quiet contemplation”
– My Life Journey: it starts with me
– virtuoso verses of a virologist: back from stockholm and some thoughts
– vinyarb’s Xanga Site: Gay people are not people?
– Fridae: Singapore’s repeal s377A petition tops 2,500 signatures
– Keep337A.com: Open Letter to the Prime Minister

Burmese Protests
– Pseudonymity: Singapore Squirms As Burmese Protest

Daily Discourse
– BothSidesOfTheJohorStraits: I say “3-room HDB flats are great”, before I go home to my Bukit Timah bungalow
– Wake Up, Singapore!: If Foreigners Can, Why Can’t Singaporeans?
– What Others Say?: When 8 out of 10, Just Means 8 out of 10
– Singabloodypore: LRWC’s report on Singapore’s judiciary and legal profession
– The Online Citizen: Banned in the City Of Possibilities

Life, the universe and everything
– Geek Goddess: Pimping Zouk’s, MOS’ and FHM’s Mags -singapore shocker-
– Intelligently Retarded: Daily Escalator Jam
– Good Morning Yesterday: Answers to Roundabout Quiz
– The sometimes damsel in distress: Hunks and babes of Slingers
– Singapore Entrepreneurs: In Conversation with Louis-Guillaume, Inkiti.com
– sgForums: A sure-win method for your letter to be published by ST

– Singapore Entrepreneurs: Start-Up@Singapore 2008 CEO Unplugged
– department of crappy engineering: airbus a380 evacuation
– The Local King: Sunshine Empire

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