Daily SG: 22 Oct 2007

Section 377a
– Popagandhi: Why I Don’t Usually Talk About Anything Else
– All and Sundry Singapore: HomosexualityIssues: To repeal S377A of the Penal Code or not?
– The Universe Within: Respect Differences: Some thoughts on the Keep “377A” movement
– musings: Of Surveys, Conservatives and Foreigners
– In the land of the blind, one eye man is king: Arguments to keep S377A: An analysis
– Fresh Brainz: Section 377A Dickfight!
– Yawning Bread: The loonies are marching
– Cognitive Dissonance: My Key Takeaways from the Repeal 377A Petition
– a small friend: small friend speaks about the repeal of 377a – Gay men have families too
– mollymeek: Jokes of the Day
– Quote the Emotion: An Appeal to Repeal
– click; bang; whirl: Sexuality shouldn’t be governed
– cacophony of breaking hearts: The insecurities of pussy cats
– pro377a: Love Gays, Hate their Agenda
– Enlarge our Territories: Walk for Jesus Action
– Enlarge our Territories: Enlarge our Territories says ‘Revise 377A’
– living in his grace: On S377a
– Daniel’s Place” Pro Veritas: Keep S377a!
– The Online Citizen: Outdoor demonstration planned outside St Andrew’s Cathedral

Parliament 22 Oct 2007
– The Online Citizen: Questions to be asked in Parliament by MPs

Daily Discourse
– The Police State: Democracy for Thee, But Not for Me
– The Anti Neo-Democracy Theorist: Give our students some space
– Emerican Life : Stupidity & Singapore
– Yawning Bread: Newspapers should beware of being shunned by the intelligent
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: Chee Bashes Singapore Govt!!!
– My Singapore News: DPM’s responses to Timothy Cooper
– Salary.sg: Typical Millionaire

Life, the universe and everything
– The Accidental Blowjob: Follow you into the dark.
– Revival of A Singapore Teacher’s Life: PSLE Math Questions found in Straits Times

– Mr Wang Says So: Illusions for the Weekend

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