Daily SG: 23 Oct 2007

Section 377a
– Alice in Wonderland: Section 377 Repealed, while Section 377A to be retained
– What Others Say?: 377A – The Unbearable Lightness of Being
– Bright Lights: Of dollars and sense
– suzumebachi: Personal thoughts on Christianity & S377A
– thegreatsze: “Protect our family values and our young. Keep 377A!”ARGHH!
– HWZ: Keep377a.com vs Repeal377a.com

CPF & Annuities
– All and Sundry Singapore: Earlier payouts may win more Singaporeans over to annuity: SM
– My Singapore News: Making the annuity bullshit real
– sgForums: Set payout age for compulsory annuities at 80 but raise prem

Parliament Oct 2007
– The Online Citizen: Send Penal Code amendments to Select Committee: NCMP Sylvia Lim

Burmese Protests
– Free Burma: Time for Singapore to come clean

Daily Discourse
– Musings: A Bleak Future?
– mollymeek: Only non-issues allowed?
– The Online Citizen: Participating in the IBA
– Rojak or the melting pot: CMIO promotes ignorance
– Young Upstarts: Can the Singapore Education System Produce Entrepreneurs?
– The Online Citizen: Ang Mo Kio fire: Shouldn’t the Town Council do more?
– Pseudonymity: Workers’ Party Chairman’s Speech At IBA’s Rule Of Law Symposium
– HWZ: Singapore’s Legal System Attacked At Lawyers’ Meeting
– sgForums: Financial Times apologies to PM Lee, MM Lee, Ms Ho Ching
– sgForums: Another scam to absorb Singaporean money

Life, the universe and everything
– Ian on Singapore: Straits Times: Advertising Masquerading As Reporting?
– as ming lives it!: Tuesdays with the PAP
– In the land of the blind, one eye man is king: Is a medical degree a worthwhile investment?
– Jeff’s Blog: My DNA Results Are Out! / Genographic Project
– Singapore Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs should focus on Core Competency, then Expand

– Car Rules: Singapore Airlines A380 Interior Video

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