Daily Tech: The Leopard, The Fox and The Windows

Tech Talk

– PC Mag: Inside Apple: The Spots on ‘Leopard’
– Wired: Beauty And The Geek: Firefox 3’s Visual Makeover
– CNET News: Microsoft finally bows to EU antitrust measures
– Tom’s Hardware: The Truth About PC Power Consumption
– Engadget: SanDisk announces Sansa TakeTV, Fanfare video download service
– MSNBC: Comcast blocks some Internet [torrent] traffic
– Guardian Unlimited: Major pirate website shut down [tv-links, oh noes…]
– NewsWire: Samsung to Showcase Advanced Display Technology at FPD International 2007

SG Tech

– Simple is the Reason of My Heart: The Five Things I am Looking Forward to in Mac OS X Leopard
– theory.isthereason: Why that new Flock rocks my world…
– Intelligently Retarded: Nokia Touch-Screen. The next big thing?
– Zit Seng’s Superwall: Wireless@SG Doomed to Fail
– www.LLY.get.to: Wireless@sg Install Spyware on my Laptop?!

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