Daily SG: 2 Nov 2007

Section 377a
– la nausée: A post that’s NOT “full of vile and obscene invective”
– Absolute-ly missy: 377A – to stay or to go? it’s not your call.
– All and Sundry Singapore: Sorry Alfian, NMP Thio Li-Ann has finally earned my little bit of sympathy
– 麻滋安娣: Gays: having a really good time
– HWZ: Teacher called up by police after letter to NMP

Burmese Protests
– All and Sundry Singapore: My Gun was as Tall as Me
– Sophie’s World: Will Burma Ever Change?

Daily Discourse
– Journalism.sg: Who will fill Singapore’s online media vacuum
– The Online Citizen: Uniquely Singapore, F1 or F9: Means testing to help the poor?
– The Void Deck: The Potential Merits and Limits of a Punitive ERP
– Yawning Bread: Ake Green and the freedom to monger hate
– Chemical Generation Singapore: On government right of replies again
– A Singapore Odyssey: Day of democracy unforgotten
– Urbanrant: Is Workers’ Party a failure? WP Chief says he is merely a watchdog
– In the land of the blind: No pop bands for schools!
– Readings From A Political Duo-ble: Death Penalty & Poverty in Singapore
– nofearSingapore: Sarkozy’s pay rise:French will flip if they know..
– BothSidesOfTheJohorStraits: An embarrassing climb-down by LTA soon on ERP?
– The Void Deck: Today is Bestest to Reads
– My Singapore News: My take on the mean criteria
– The Oriental Express: Good Humour Versus Bullying!
– HWZ: Hospital Means Testing… AGAIN!
– sgForums: Singapore’s jobless rate at 10-year low
– sgForums: 20 years for Workers’ Party to match PAP?

Life, the universe and everything
– Nussu the ridge online: Revolutionary Times and Revolutionary Minds
– Department of crappy engineering: Are we blind
– Decay On Net: DK on The New Paper
– The Online Citizen: Britons bully elderly Singaporean trishaw rider

– Nusu the ridge online: Asian Film Archive collection made available for reference in library@esplanade
– A tiny blip in the continuum: NaNoWriMo starts today!

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