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Daily SG: 22 Nov 2007

More info: Animation Nation 2007 13th ASEAN Summit – Celluloid Reality(s): Don’t Look Away – Mollymeek: Burmese Good, Chees Bad – e pur si muove: Singapore police forcibly move activists away from Shangri-La – Martyn See: Singapore police abducts activists in daylight – Pseudonymity: Is it just me or has the ASEAN Charter disappeared?? – [...]

Daily Tech: Firefox 3 Beta Review

Mozilla Developer: Firefox 3 Beta 1 Download Firefox 3 Beta Reviews – Mozilla: What’s New in Firefox 3 Beta 1 – ZDNet: First look at Firefox 3.0 Beta 1 – CNet: Mozilla’s Firefox 3 beta: Improved but imperfect – TechCrunch: Firefox 3 Beta 1: The Memory Use Says It All – ars technica: First look [...]

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