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Tech Talk
- Computer Weekly: Wi-Fi linked to childhood autism
- AnandTech: Power Supply Roundup: 730W to 900W
- Tom’s Hardware: Overclock Your Graphics Card in 5 Minutes
- Silent PC Review: Reflections on the Asus Eee PC
- DigiTimes: Q&A with Jonney Shih and Jonathan Tseng, CEO and president of Asustek [about Eee PC]
- CameraLabs: Canon Ixus 860IS / PowerShot SD870 IS Review
- Mobile Review: Review of Nokia N81/Nokia N81 8Gb
- GigaOM: Review: The Sweet Agony That Is Nokia N81
- DailyTech: DailyTech Holiday Games Buyer’s Guide: Part One

SG Tech
- All and Sundry Singapore: Study: Internet will slow by 2010
- The eOK .network: Unavailable in your region
- Presenting the(new)mediaslut!: Mr T plays World of Warcraft, so is that Star Trek captain!
- Review: Sony Ericsson Z750i
- Oooh lah lah: Addicted to the stupid game

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