Daily SG: 11 Dec 2007

International Human Rights Day
– All and Sundry Singapore: To be humans, we need Rights
– The Online Citizen: Lawyers petition Law Society of Singapore
– Pseudonymity: VIDEO: Burma On My Mind – Human Rights Day 2007

ERPains, Trains & Automobiles
– Mollymeek: Wonderful Taxi Fare Structure Overhaul
– The States Times: Greed Trumps Logic

Singaporeans are fed, up with progress!
– Diary of a Singaporean Mind: MAS Essay Writing Competition

Daily Discourse
– Simple is the Reason of my Heart: Selective Liberalization – On the Brink of Breakdown?
– Yawning Bread: What lurks beyond globalisation and capitalism
– Sam’s thoughts: What the cluck?!
– Inside & Insights: The Emerging Threats to The Church
– Rojak or the melting pot: A teddy bear called Muhammad
– Mollymeek: The media is not free, but who cares?
– Yaw Shin Leong @ WP: A Certain Type For Singapore (Part 2/ 4) (Part 3/ 4)
– The States Times: Policy Plunders
– Diary of a Singaporean Mind: Breaking News : GIC buys stake in UBS!!
– The Void Deck: The Singa’ and the ‘Roo
– Hau Mau: PAP or not, Singaporeans are like frogs in a well

Life, the universe and everything
– Decay on Net: Blogger Social Responsibility
– Rat in the Lab: A Happy 30th Anniversary!
– Young Upstarts: The Men in Uniform Gets It Right

– The FØØL’s Progress: Singapore’s First Seiyuu Course

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