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Daily SG: 6 May 2008

Singaporeans are fed, up with progress!
- Mr Wang Says So: Aljunied Town Council And A Matter of Principle

Fear and Loathing in The Lion City
- Sam’s Thoughts: Everyone deserves media representation

Our 147th|151st Press
- BHP: Why Freeing up the Press will just kill Bloggers

Strangers in a Strange Land
- A Sampan on S’pore Soil: That ‘foreign object’

Singaporeans Bailing Out Troubled Bankers
- Under the Willow Tree: Lee Kuan Yew vs. Warren Buffett – Round 2

Daily Discourse
- Ian On The Red Dot: Are Bloggers Really Influencers? Gosh – Do We Really Still Need To Ask This?
- Singapore Life and Times: Strap on for life
- Darth Grievous’ Dark Domain: To laugh or to cry? (I)
- The Online Citizen: Former CEO of NTUC Income calls for “collective protest”

Life, the universe and everything
- Notes From Serangoon Road: Save the Atrium
- Don’t Mess With Nice People – Especially When You’re a Fucker
- nofearSingapore: Burma’s cyclone disaster: Time for unconditional giving [Thanks Dr Huang]

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