Daily SG: 10 Jun 2008

MadMen, Stooges and the Near-Psychopath
– The Daily Backtrack: Pseudo Freuds, all of us
– No political films please, we’re Singaporeans: Transcript part V : CSJ vs LKY
– My sketchbook: Chua Lee Hong and her article

ERPains, Trains & Automobiles
– The States Times: The Great Singapore Tax Saving

– Angry Doctor: OK, I’ll be good
– National Center for Policy Analysis: The Singapore Model

Daily Discourse
– Chia Ti Lik’s Blog: The removal of Estate Duty – Snippets from inside the Court
– Under the Willow Tree: Temasek’s Hands in Too Many Pies
– The Bosonic State: A Case of Similar Attractions
– Endoh’s Dungeon: Singapore Government needs better HR management
– Hard Hitting in the Lion City: Who is better for Singapore?
– Yawning Bread: Pity that Youthquake 2 didn’t make it to the Richter scale
– Readings From A Political Duo-ble: Singtel’s – Optus’ marketing ploy exposed (and a brief history of Singapore Government’s Corporations’ negative influence in the region)

Life, the universe and everything
– The Void Deck: Flash: Discrimination at St James Power Station, so go there for f*ck?

@vinyard: read too much no time to write liao >.<

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