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Daily SG: 14 Aug 2008

Why they hate Singapore
– Sgpolitics: Separating the wheat from the chaff
– kelvintan73: LKY do a “You can’t handle the truth!”

147th and falling
– Chee Wai’s Random Musings: Singapore journalism: The sad state of affairs?
– EastStop: Room for improvement – Straits Times Interactive

Prosperity versus individual rights. Human rights, democracy and the rule of law in Singapore
– Jacob’s Weblog: IBAHRI corrects inaccurate comments of Press Sec to Minister for Law

– Enblocing Singapore: Prime News on Hope Group

Beijing Olympics
– Simply Inconceivable: The Meaning of Sports to Singapore
– The boy who knew too much: The importance of telling the truth
– Hard Hitting in the Lion City: Keep Quiet About It

Indignation 2008
– Balderdash: Brain surgery – what’s inside the heads of homophobes?

Daily Discourse
– Sgpolitics: Cherian George’s article on tolerating political diversity

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6 Responses to “Daily SG: 14 Aug 2008”

  1. Dear valued readers,

    This is the latest article reconstituted by the FILB.

    Find out whether “They” really hate Singapore.




    Posted by FILB ARTICLE 13-8-08 | August 14, 2008, 11:33 am
  2. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah you guys are too much man!!!!!!!!!!!!! You people keep changing the format of posting etc. Why can’t you be like the rest and just get it posted in Daily SG reads post section????????????????? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

    An Angry Dentist is a Testy Gyp

    Posted by dentist Jan | August 14, 2008, 5:05 pm
  3. To me it is very simple, we try to post, but if it gets difficult, (bc it does, we dont understand sometimes why some of our post are not aggregated) then we will just have to open up another aggregator site, it will take less than 5 hours to do it.

    We will never allow anyone to hold our balls.


    >14 Aug 2008, 2008/08/14 at 7:49 PM
    You think in life it is so simple, you can pick and choose, do you want us to show you our technology?
    But remember once we do it, it is a different ball game all together.
    Role of aggregator is to aggregate that is all it.
    Nothing more or less.

    >14 Aug 2008, 2008/08/14 at 8:42 PM
    Tmr is the 15th
    We want you to run this article:
    At 1300 hr, if it is not published in this site. Another 2 aggregation sites will be registered, one in Malaysia and another in Sweden.
    The decision is yours.
    What did Darkness teach us,
    “keep your enemies close to you.”
    We have watching you very carefully. We know exactly why it is so difficult to log in here. We kept quiet.
    But when it goes to far, we have to put our foot down.
    You need to get on the phone and call up your boss.
    Remember tmr at 1300 hr.

    >14 Aug 2008, 2008/08/14 at 8:49 PM
    Think, if you kick us out, how will you be able to control us in another country?
    Think, here you can control us.
    Always understand it is nothing personal, you thought you could control and spy on us.
    We played along.
    All the while guess what, we were also spying on you. Gathering intelligence. When you didnt aggregate the last article, that was a big give away – you fell into our trap.
    Don’t take it too hard, it’s just a game LOL


    >14 Aug 2008, 2008/08/14 at 9:03 PM
    Do you want us to tell the whole of blogosphere, who you really are?
    Think about that. Chew on it.
    As Darkness once said,
    “keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.”
    From this e.g you should know, we know how to play the game very well, you could even say they are experts.
    The ball is on your court, 1300 hr tmr.
    I am so sorry, I was asked to do this. Remember, it is nothing personal.
    It is just a game to us.



    Posted by Y2K | August 14, 2008, 7:42 pm
  4. Singapore Kopitiam has replaced the now defunct “’s Alfresco Coffee Shop” at Delphiforums.

    Singapore Kopitiam can be reached at:

    Posted by Singapore Kopitiam | August 15, 2008, 12:12 am
  5. @ 9.Anonymous Coward
    Thanks. They are out to extort money from us again.. grrr

    relak brudder. olympics interfering with our signals a bit

    Posted by singaporedaily | August 15, 2008, 11:26 am
  6. You know what? We have all been studying in detail what Darkness once wrote here:

    Now if one reads it just casually. One gets the feel, he is concerned about govt control. But I say read it very carefully again. This time very slowly. And underline the important parts, where he begins mid sentence.

    Darkness was warning us all. He may not have realized it, but he was actually thinking aloud. He did not fear the govt. It is a well known fact in much of his own writings he considers them stupid people. He is not afraid of them. Neither do I believe his main concerned were people like Cherian George, Alex Au, Bernard Leong etc. Again he would have dismissed them with a wave of the hand.

    I think when he voiced his concerns may throwing out endless examples. He was subconsciously talking about the his own people. The Brotherhood. There is one part where he mentions the onset of a “super invader” in the form of a weed that takes hold and strangles everything. Very coincidental, but that is how he has always described the brotherhood in the virtual. An evil weed. He surmized rightly or wrongly, these were very aggresive and smart monkeys who like to play games. So where there is a competitive structure, they will play it. They dont care.

    That is why I believe, if you read very carefully what he once wrote, he wants to keep blogoland essentially featureless, no oligrachy, no pecking order pyramid, no nothing, no monkey throne, No great banana boat contest. You see I figure he doesn’t trust his own people. As we have all seen time and again. This is what the brotherhood like to do.

    If it is a planet in the virtual producing only one type of mineral. Invade it they will. If they want trade. They will force it down your throat. If you do not want to trade with them. They will invade you.

    Darkness was a smart cookie. He figured sooner or later. Those smart monkeys would kick out people like Cherian George, Bernard Leong etc. Then he asked himself, what would happen then?

    He saw it all only too clearly, the danger that is. He saw right through his own people and beyond.

    Posted by soothsayer | August 15, 2008, 2:39 pm

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