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Daily SG: 20 Aug 2008

LOL LHL flipping the bird! Thanks fireopal for the pic. :-)

National Day Rally 2008
– The Lionheart: Where is the dividing line?
– Yawning Bread: Demonstrations to be allowed in Hong Lim playpen
– TOC: The ball is in the opposition’s court
– Random Thoughts Of A Free Thinker: National Day Rally 2008: Political Liberalisation, really?
– Simply Gab: PM Rally Speech: Men-in-White or Men-in-Grey?
– nofearSingapore: My thoughts on that Olympic Silver and that Political Liberalization Speech
– Singabloodypore: Lee’s meaningless concession on protests fool no one
– Mr Wang Says So: Education and The Great Pain of Rather Useless Things
– No “partisan stuff” political films please, we’re Singaporeans: Oops, we were too restrictive : PM Lee
– Longest Flight: What pro-family measures?
– redefining.suet: NDR 2009
– Sgpolitics: Key points raised in PM Lee’s National Day Rally speech 2008
– Journalism.sg: Obituary of a ban: Political films may get a new life
– EDMW: A Letter from a Citizen in Response to NDP Rally Speech

A Sliver from Beijing
– Hard Hitting in the Lion City: Desperately seeking Singaporean-ess
– Hear Ye! Hear Ye!: Taking someone’s ass to be your face
– Tales of A Tiger: Buying Our Own Olympic Medal
– deadpris: Li Jia Wei IS a Singaporean [Response to Iantimothy]

Lee vs Chee
– Singapore Dissident: The days go on

– SG_Ljers: Charity Project Youths.Care

Seems like Singnet fixed the problem. eligwee emailed that he’s able to load SGDaily on Singnet now. Big ups to Bernard and Daniel for the help. Send us an email if you still have trouble with our site on Singnet.

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