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Daily Tech: 29 Sep 2008

Tech News
- Shacknews: New Nintendo DS Announced: Camera, Music Playback, Wi-Fi Upgrade, Under $189
- eFluxMedia: Apple Changes Policy: Sells Unlocked iPhone 3Gs in Hong Kong
- TG Daily: Nvidia to rename its graphics chips
- Engadget: Sony’s 11-inch VAIO TT: world’s lightest Blu-ray laptop
- Tom’s Hardware: New 256 GB SSD From Toshiba
- ThinkComputers: Microsoft Strikes Back Against Apple Ads
- Bit-tech: NPD reveals best-selling console games of 2008
- OhGizmo!: Brando’s Super Tiny USB Keyboard

Reviews | Guides
- Hardspell: 9600 GSO VS. HD4650
- Digital Trends: Gphone vs. iPhone vs. Windows Mobile
- Notebook Reviews: Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Review
- PCStats: Beginners Guides: Downgrading Windows Vista Back To Windows XP
- CDRInfo: Intel E8600
- TrustedReviews: Logitech Z-500 Wireless Notebook Speakers
- ModSynergy: Samsung BD-P1500 Blu-Ray Disc Player Review

SG Tech
- NO BUNS NO LIFE: Security Hole in Adobe Software allows FREE Movie Downloads!

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