Daily SG: 6 Oct 2008

The Passing of JBJ
– a blog day’s work: Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s eulogy for his father
– Yawning Bread: J B Jeyaretnam: The iconography begins
– Balderdash: I went down to Hong Lim Park
– TOC: Letter to PM Lee to honour Mr JBJ
– TOC: From one friend to another
– Gee Siva: The Lion of Singapore
– Xtralicious: Fixing the opposition – even beyond the grave
– My Singapore News: A time to change
– Think Happiness: MICA Reply: Banned JBJ Film
– Singabloodypore: The final farewell to Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam
– UncleYap: Good Bye Mr JBJ Sir
– Jacob’s Weblog: Photos of JBJ’s funeral service at St. Andrew’s Cathedral AND memorial event at Speakers’ Corner

Power to Cost the People
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: Explaining the 21.5% Electricity Tariff Hike…..
– Under The Willow Tree: Singapore’s Electricity Prices Pegged to Crude Oil, not Natural Gas!?!?
– My Sketchbook: The electrifying electricity tariff hike!

We don’t need no regulation
– Just Stuff: Suggested Solutions for managing e-relationships between netizens and government / Part 2 / The Challenges

SG Press rank 141 and falling
– Xtralicious: Dissecting the ST interview and the journalist-blogger relationship
– BothSidesOfTheJohorStraits: Channelnewsasia’s news bias: A private book-launch of an ex-minister is newsworthy??

Low Class Foreign Workers Not Welcomed in Serangoon Gardens
– PakMakJujat: Singaporeans Who Think Too Highly Of Themselves
– Sg_LJers: foreign workers dorm…
– Tomorrow.sg: Untold story of migrant workers in Singapore

Lee vs Chee | Censorship
– TOC: Becoming a world-class university: NTU and campus media freedom
– Hard Hitting in the Lion City: Stupid Move by NTU
– Sgpolitics: Students protest university censorship at Hong Lim Park

– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: Property UP, Property DOWN….

Melamine in my Milk
– Simply Jean: Melamine in everything? There may be more coming… and here’s why

Life, the universe and everything
– quachee’s blog: Singlish
– Lushhomemedia: The MRT guide to home prices

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