Daily ChioBu: Chen Kuang Yi

21 year old Chen Kuang Yi 陳匡怡 is known as Taiwan’s Little Vivian Chow 小周慧敏 because of her resemblance to the Hong Kong actress 20 years her senior. Chen, whose face industry watchers described as exquisite 精致的五官, first gained attention when she appeared in Lin Yu Jia’s music video Secret Guest 林宥嘉《神秘嘉宾》. When she appeared in Jay Chou’s latest music video 《说好的幸福呢》 (loosely: Where is the promised happiness), her name became the talk of Taiwan’s entertainment industry and Mandarin Pop fans. The National Taiwan University graduate has been dubbed one of Taiwan’s new generation of beautiful women 台湾新生代美女 (the last generation being those led by Lin Chi Ling I suppose).

Pictures after the break.

信義房屋2008 – 陳匡怡

周杰倫 說好的幸福呢MV

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