Daily Tech: Microsoft Shows Windows 7

Microsoft Shows Windows 7
– Ed Bott’s Microsoft Report: A first look at Windows 7’s pre-beta PDC release
– PC World: Windows 7 First Look: A Big Fix for Vista
– The Tech Beat: Windows 7: A First Look
– ars technica: First look at Windows 7’s User Interface
– Computerworld: New math for Microsoft, as Windows 7 = addition by subtraction
– TG Daily: Side by side: Windows 7 vs. OS X Snow Leopard
– NYT: 10 best features in Windows 7 for IT professionals
– Apple Watch: What Apple Needs to Know About Azure, Windows 7
– Engineering Windows 7: Welcome to our blog dedicated to the engineering of Microsoft Windows 7

Tech News
– Reuters: TSMC: No comment on Chartered stake sale report
– EETimes: Intel to roll 32-nm process at IEDM
– Fudzilla: ATI rests its case with graphics in 2008
– Engadget: Samsung titillates with transparent and 0.05mm ‘flapping’ OLED panels
– eWeek: HP, Dell, Lenovo Offering New Crop of Low-Cost Notebooks
– WIRED: Psystar: Blu-Ray Hackintosh for Sale; MacBook Clones on the Way
– Microsoft: Microsoft to Extend Office to the Browser
– CNET: Finally getting with the program: Microsoft to offer Office online

Reviews | Guides
– Guru 3D: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 260 OC 896 MB review
– techPowerUp: Scythe Kama Bay Amplifier
– Virtual-Hideout: Antec Notebook Cooler 200
– Modders-Inc: SilverStone Raven Mouse
– Benchmark Reviews: Microsoft Sidewinder X6
– TechSpot: Das Keyboard Professional and Ultimate review

SG Tech
– 65 Bits: Episode 94: The new Palm OS is finally here! Sort of..
– The eOK .network: Are we seeing a netbook ecosystem?
– Ignorance is Curable: Digital Music, High-Fidelity, and making it all work
– Otterman speaks: Figuring out where stuff is
– The Singapore iPhone Guide: Check bus arrivals, plan bus journeys on your iPhone

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