Weekly Roundup: Week 04

“Dear Mr Wong, the single greatest security threat to Singapore came from the escape of Mas Selamat, not Myanmar dissidents or opposition activists.. [Protesters] are, at most, idealistic people who create temporary inconvenience.. Terrorists work in stealth and don’t gather in public places to wave banners and shout slogans – you don’t need new civil disobedience laws to tackle them.”

“[Charles Chong’s] words encapsulate the meaning of Singapore: your worth as a citizen as measured by your economic utility. Your value as a human being as determined by your wealth.”

“Besides short term measures to help low income households, something ought to be done to ensure that Singapore moves away from being a “playground for the rich” and a “goldmine for foreign workers”, into a “Singapore made by Singaporeans, for Singaporeans”.”

“Have we deliberately pursued for years a policy of domestic disinvestment, in our vain effort to be a high-flyer?”
Yawning Bread

“We observe from written history that cities necessarily mean the accumulation of wealth, the specialisation of labour, the creation of class and caste, and hence social and economic inequality and stratification. And we merely speculate that urbanisation and what it entails can sometimes be too unbearable, the compromises too cutting and unliveable, and upon realising it, the people just simply walk away.”

“As we brought in more and more people, many from India and China, not just at the top level of talent, but also at various levels including unskilled workers, we depressed wages of Singaporeans.. our costs continued to go up. So we caused a double whammy for Singaporeans who had no choice but to live with the high cost of living while having to accept lower wages”
Inderjit Singh

“The mantra that Singapore is too small for us to rock the boat should be changed. Singapore is too small for people not to row their own boats.”
Philip Jeyaretnam

“..the freedom of a people to choose its leaders is the root of liberty.. those who doubt the supremacy of the ballot over the bullet can never diminish the power engendered by nonviolent struggles for justice and equality.. Our work is not yet finished, but future generations will mark this morning as the turning point for real and necessary change in our nation.”
Dianne Feinstein

“this crisis has reminded us that without a watchful eye, the market can spin out of control – and that a nation cannot prosper long when it favors only the prosperous. The success of our economy has always depended not just on the size of our Gross Domestic Product, but on the reach of our prosperity; on our ability to extend opportunity to every willing heart – not out of charity, but because it is the surest route to our common good.
Barak Obama

This week’s roundup and recommended reads after the break.

Tan Yong Soon can cook, Charles Chong tells us lesser mortals to f#*k off
– Gerald Giam: Minister rebukes perm sec for ‘lacking sensitivity’
– Sg Enquirer: The Tan Yong Soon cooking fiasco: what lessons it hold for both the government and blogosphere
– i have succumbed to peer pressure: Rapped for insensitivity, and it’s all thanks to…
– Everyday’s Life in a Snapshot: WOW.2million dollar minister: Mr Tan should have exercised empathy.
– My Singapore News: The insensitivity of the elite
– Anonymous X: A senior Singaporean civil servant reprimanded for publicising his family’s vacation at a top French cooking school [Thanks wacky_artz]
– Wayang Party Club: Bloggers’ outcry over top civil servant’s extravagance elicits response from minister and head of civil service
– Wayang Party Club: PAP MP Charles Chong: you “lesser mortals” are just envious of Tan Yong Soon
– Diary of A Lesser Mortal: Don’t be harsh on Tan Yong Soon..
– Yawning Bread: Move on, shut up
– Everyday’s Life in a Snapshot: Lesser mortals, unite and remove the GREATER mortal!
– Insane Polygons: We Be Lesser Mortals
– Insane Polygons: What Victory?
– Dot Seng: Why Elites Regularly Mess Up The Kitchen – The Public Grilling of An Accident Chef
– Yummy BBQ Chicken Wings: The secret is out. The old man is an immortal [Thanks bbqchickenwings]
– Memoirs of a Conscript in the Lion City: Lesser Mortals: Tell me what we’re fighting for again?
– SilentAssassin’s Archive: Out of Touch
– ALVINOLOGY: Who is Charles Chong?
– Wayang Party Club: The Charles Chong classification of different MORTAL CASTES in Singapore
– vinyarb: lesser mortal, and lovin it
– the mrbrown show: hard to burn
– Hard Hitting in the Lion City: Just Stupid
– Cavalierio: Discordant note – Pax Singaporeana [Recommended]
– Sam’s thoughts: Sacrebleu! Singapore is classed
– The Singapore Enquirer: MP Charles Chong’s reply to blogger draws more flak from online community
– Kaffein-nated: Get out of my ‘greater mortal’ face!
– The Secret Political Blog: I am a Lesser Mortal!
– The Void Deck: Elitism Rawkz! (My lesser mortal ass)
– The Kway Teow Man: A Tale of Two Singapores
– Misanthropic And Loving It!: I live in a country populated by idiots
– The Intelligent Singaporean: Deconstructing the Singapore Dream [Wai Chung’s review of Tan Yong Soon’s book “Living the Singapore Dream” sheds light on the current issue. Thanks Wai Chung]

Singapore Budget 2009
– SG Entrepreneurs: What to look out for by businesses in Budget Speech 2009 [Thanks Bernard]
– Blowin’ In The Wind: Hope over fear, Singapore!
– Everyday’s Life in a Snapshot: Budget 2009, a foreword
– Singapore Alternatives: Budget for Crisis of Confidence
– Sgpolitics: My take on the key highlights of Budget 2009
– Singapore Alternatives: What is Lacking in Budget 2009?
– Information Read By Me: Something New + Time to Move On [Thanks Jaunty Jabber]
– Yummy BBQ Chicken Wings: Sg Budget 2009: Like that enough meh? [happy holidays bbqchickenwings]
– Everyday’s Life in a Snapshot: The “Resilience” Package: Together, let’s upturn the downturn!
– Anonymous_X: Singapore Budget 2009 — 25 points of what you need to know about Resilience Package
– Budget 2009: Budget Speech 2009 [Official Release]

– Yawning Bread: Are our economic priorities right? [Recommended]
– Blowin’ In The Wind: Nasty surprise for Singapore oddly comforting
– The Wayang Party Club: Solidarity for the PAP and its cronies, enslavement for ordinary Singaporeans
– Bernard Aw’s Blog: Retrenchment and bad business decisions
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: Time to stop predatory lending….and miscellaneous thoughts…
– Blowin’ In The Wind: Jubilant Washington, gloomy Singapore
– The Star: Elderly citizens bearing the brunt [Thanks Mathia]
– this lush garden within: Job seeking in a recession
– Wayang Party Club: Atrocious spin by CNA about rising household income and decreased income inequality in 2008 [Recommended]
– nofearSingapore: Singapore faces the abyss and what I can do about it!
– EastStop: When the underlying assumptions are wrong…
– Mr Wang Says So: 300,000 Job Losses is a Scary Thought
– Diary of A Lesser Mortal: Singapore’s 2009 GDP forecast -2% to -5%

GIC, Temasek State Funds Investments
– Everyday’s Life in a Snapshot: Singapore’s rich, throwing money is not a problem

The Association of Bloggers
– Balderdash: Delusions of grandeur
– Tribolum: The Empress’ New Clothes
– My Singapore News: Bloggers forming an association?
– Singabloodypore: Association of Bloggers (Singapore)
– Endoh’s Dungeon: It’s finally HERE!
– eastcoastlife: Association of Bloggers (Singapore) revives kampung spirit
– Dee Kay Dot As Gee: Association of Bloggers (Singapore)
– Anonymous_X: 5 Top Reasons of Not Joining Association of Bloggers (Singapore)
– Digital Terrorist: Singapore Blogger Association?!
– The Lycan Times: Current Affairs: Association of Bloggers Singapore
– A long and arduous road of an entrepreneur: Square Room
– a blog day’s work: A new association of, or for, bloggers
– Holly Jean: The Association Of Bloggers. What’s In It For ME?
– Jialat.com: Sorry, Association Of What?
– Endoh’s Dungeon: The high expectations required of the association
– “Fence In”: A blogger’s association for Singapore
– Singularity Industries: Whose side are you on?
– Unbranded Bread n Butter: Not My Bloggers Association Singapore [Thanks Roti John, we stopped the press for you :-)]
– Daphnemaia: Xenophobic President of Association of Bloggers (Singapore) attacks bystanders
– Talk Rock: Nobody Bloggers start Association of Bloggers (Singapore)
– My sketchbook: Singapore’s association of Bloggers

Strangers In a Strange Land
– Sgpolitics: Government’s pledge to protect foreign workers’ rights should go beyond mere empty talk
– Singapore Social Activist: I Have Never Even Seen A Ship in Singapore!
– Yawning Bread: Muddy Singapore swallows China workers Part [2][3][4]
– Jacob’s Weblog: Foreigners & PRs filled 484,700 out of 796,000 jobs created between 2004 & 2008; 200,000 of them may leave in next two years – Analysts
– UncleYap: Taiwan is removing 30K foreign labor to keep jobs for local
– TOC: Time to protect the worker
– nofearSingapore: Singapore faces the abyss and what I can do about it!
– EastStop: When the underlying assumptions are wrong…
– Mr Wang Says So: 300,000 Job Losses is a Scary Thought
– Diary of A Lesser Mortal: Singapore’s 2009 GDP forecast -2% to -5%

Tougher Protest Laws | WKS\MSK Saga
– Groundnotes: Home Team serves Red Herring Special [Recommended]
– Information Read By Me: There is no Spoon Nor is there a Tap [Thanks Jabber]
– Everyday’s Life in a Snapshot: He’s here or not here
– Signorekai on earth: About civil disobedience and million dollars peanuts
– Chia Ti Lik’s Blog: We must stop them at all costs. This cannot carry on :)
– TOC: The “rights” balance

President Barak Hussien Obama Inauguration
– Feed Me To The Fish: Why is Obama paid less than the Prime Minster of Singapore?
– Dee Kay Dot As Gee: A day to remember
– Mathia Lee: President Barack Obama
– Gerald Giam: Gems from President Obama’s inaugural address
– Feed Me To The Fish: There is none so blind as he who refuses to see
– Just Stuff: Obama, The Singaporean Dream and Beyond
– Singabloodypore: Obama to receive Singapore plea
– Desparatebeep: Breaking Cycles

High Notes and Minibombs
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: Structured Products : 54% of investors to be compensated!
– The Wayang Party Club: Myth or reality: FIs have handled minibond-complaint process “well”
– Tan Kin Lian’s Blog: Complaint on mis-selling of CLN
– Tan Kin Lian’s Blog: Make a donation, if you have received adequate compensation

MP Burnt
– The Wayang Party Club: Fire attack on MP draws more amusement than outrage from netizens
– The Void Deck: MP Seng Flamed Again and Again
– SilentAssasin’s Archive: It’s different
– Information Read By Me: What was the Old Man Thinking: MP on Fire P2 [Thanks Ling Wei Ta]

Truth, Justice, and the Singapore Way
– The one dimensional island: Crime and Punishment – Round 1
– TOC: Philip Jeyaretnam: Remove perception of government intervention in legal profession
– Chemical Generation Singapore: Singapore Law Society: A Crippled Tiger?

We Don’t Need no Regulation
– Just Stuff: Why MICA needs a ray gun to win the internet war – The perils of using old solutions to solve a new problem [PART I][Part II]

Minimum Wage
– Bernard Aw’s Blog: Minimum Wage and its implications
– TOC: PAP MP floats idea of minimum wage, criticizes ‘overheated’ growth model

PAP Ministars Highest Paid in the World
– My little Corner: More information on ministers’ “pay cut”

Have you ever wondered why we must serve
– Bernard Aw’s Blog: What do Eugenics, law of comparative advantage and forced conscription have in common?
– The boy who knew too much: Why National Service men should not be insured
– Almost Infamous: In Defense of Defense

Time to Cast our Vote?
– A writer’s blog: Why is everyone talking about elections?

Re Education
– Mr Wang Says So: A Song & Dance About CCAs
– Insane Polygons: Which Class Do You Belong To?

ERPains, Trains & Automobiles
– Hear Ye! Hear Ye!: Singapore, Boston and NYC public trains matchup

Parliament 19 Jan 2009
– Sgpolitics: Parliamentary Snapshots – 19 Jan 2009
– Sgpolitics: More Parliamentary snapshots for 19 Jan 2009

Parliament 12 Nov 2007
– Workers’ Party: Increasing In cost Of Living, CPF (Amendment) Bill

Daily Discourse
– Gerald Giam: Govt should not respond to only views it can control
– Cavalierio: ST & Films Act | Grammar & grey areas
– Illusio: A parable and lesson for the whiteshirts [Recommended]
– Desparatebeep: The Problem with being Brilliant
– Just Stuff: What’s Holding Back Change? – You!
– Seelan Palay’s Blog: Human Rights Watch’s Report 2009: Singapore remains an authoritarian state
– Yawning Bread: The pretty boy barber
– Feed Me To The Fish: Why So many Santa Clauses during Chinese New Year?
– A Singaporean: Contractual age down to 18? Breaking open the reserves?
– Ian On The Red Dot: Gosh People – Fucking Get A Perspective (Or Rather A Better One)
– Sam’s thoughts: Not an EZ link to the grassroots
– TOC: Religious harmony in Singapore – a façade?
– this lush garden within: Growth at all costs – what now? [Recommended]
– Wayang Party Club: Recognition of bloggers by the government may become a ‘kiss of death’
– Jacob’s Weblog: “Tax haven” Singapore may soon come under increased scrutiny from the US

Life, the universe and everything
– The Fire in my Life: A dish for your lunar New Year [Thanks Joel]
– thegreatsze: Review: 2009 Honda City (Singapore Retail) – 1.5 LX Edition
– Aussie Pete: Even Computer Nerds Get Tattooed
– The boy who knew too much: Perez Hilton/Mario Lavandeira, blogger: the meaning of his success
– The Enquirer: Overcoming the deafening silence
– AngryAngMo: Singapores Real Zoo – MRTs Unexplored Species
– Aussie Pete: Nudity Makes Top New Stories
– Yesterday….Today….Tomorrow: A glimpse of Chinatown

Now Showing
– Simple is the Reason of My Heart: Red Cliff 2 赤壁下: 决战天下
– Endoh’s Dungeon: Jack Neo says Love Matters

– Boleh! Boleh!: Recall Of New Moon Brand Premium Abalone Broth
– eastcoastlife: River Hongbao 2009 @ Floating Platform

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