Daily Chiobu: Julie Hoi

Julie Hoi Wei Chin (born 21st July 1984) is a Malaysian freelance model. A Commerce graduate from the Curtin University of Technology, the KL born Chinese is well known among Malaysia’s internet community and racing enthusiasts. Pictures after the break. [PNSFW]

Well, Ms Julie Hoi is apparently trying to get into acting in Malaysia and she/her agent/producers is worried her past indiscretions might catch up on her. Frankly I don’t see how more ‘publicity’ can be bad for your acting career. Anyway, we respect her decision and wish her all the best.

Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2009 14:47:4i
Subject: Removal of Julie Hoi’s pictures
From: julie hoi
To: singaporedaily@gmail.com

hello. my name is julie hoi and i would like to kindly request the removal
of my pictures from your website as it is affecting my work.
My bosses/clients are sensitive towards the ‘sexy’ pictures posted of me in
your website ( http://singaporedaily.net/2009/03/03/daily-chiobu-julie-hoi/ )
I understand there are other sites that have
posted my pictures as well and i am requesting all of them to remove them as
well. Thank you for your kind consideration and cooperation.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Julie hoi

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