Daily ChioBu: Maggie Wu Ya Xin GQ Photoshoot

Maggie Wu Ya Xin 吴亚馨 is a model from Taiwan (born 8 Oct 1983). After finishing tertiery studies at the age of 20, she decided to become a model. She took on whatever modeling jobs that came along, appearing in magazines and promo ads, while helping out in her family’s Shabu Shabu restuarant. It was not until she appeared in 何润东 He Run Dong’s music video I Only Care About You 《我只在乎你》 that her modeling career took off. Since then she has become one of the top celebrities in Taiwan.

This is Maggie Wu’s photoshoot with Taiwan GQ Magazine. Pictures after the break. [NSFW]

GQ Cover Girl 吴亚馨


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