Daily SG: 28 Apr 2009

Takeover of AWARE
– The Kent Ridge Common: Playing with words and a controversial precedent
– irreligious: Going undercover at Church of our Saviour (COOS)
– SG Gutter Press: Leaked video on COOS Pastor sermon on homosexuality [Thanks auntie] [chilling in a Blair Witch kind of way..]
– Illusio: A message from Josie Lau
– Mathia Lee: TWC2 Statement on AWARE
– Sam’s Thoughts: AWARE: The implications
– Writing-Yoga-Living: Josie’s Lau’s Insidious Insertion
– Illusio: The law of eternal return
– twinkilya: AWARE: a not-from-the-press perspective
– Crazy about Life: AWARE Saga: A glimpse of the future of Singapore politics?
– Alice Cheong in Wonderland: Minister’s advice for AWARE
– The Wayang Party: The AWARE saga: Time for government to respond to its ramifications to draw a clear demarcation between secularism and religion

Reform Party: A New Hope
– TOC: Chairman of Reform Party resigns, Kenneth Jeyaretnam is new Sec Gen
– The Wayang Party: Kenneth Jeyaretnam needs to reply to damaging Straits Times report

Singapore Day in London
– Feed Me To The Fish: Free Makan & Show for Quitters in London?
– Singaporean Skeptic: Are Overseas Singaporeans more valuable to the country?

PAP Ministars Get Rich r Die Tryin
– The Wayang Party: Lee Boon Yang As Keppel Chair: How Much Are We Spending To Keep Ex-PAP Leaders On GLCs And Stat Boards?

Little Green Dot
– Singapore Peak Oil: Some Concerns About the Speech by Minister Mah Bow Tan at the Asia Society Conference

Daily Discourse
– Blowin’ In The Wind: Net speculation about Singapore and Facebook warning
– Tribolum.com: Respect
– Nomadism: Hating Singapore, isnt it a bit overdone?

Life, the universe and everything
– SimpleBlob’s Life: Singapore all-age employment

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