Daily SG: 2 Jul 2009

42nd ASEAN Ministerial Meeting. ASEAN Human Rights Commission
– TOC: ASEAN – toothless but with a “sharp tongue”?
– ed’sperience’s Blog: Asian Human Rights body – the pill and the diaphragm, a tale of two contraceptives

Snobs and Frogs
– Sam’s Thoughts: Intellectual Snob and Political Correctness
– Die neue Welle: Intellectual Snobbery

The 1st Malay Brigadier General
– Dee Kay Dot As Gee: SAF’s first Malay General

Asian Youth Games
– running legs: 7% is still just 7%, how much you want it to rise?

– For Want of a Better Title: Honduras Situation

Daily Discourse
– Laïcité: Marital rape and the presumption of consent
– groundnotes: Citizen Shoppers
– the kent ridge common: A comparison of CEP qualities adopted by our civil service and Shell Petroleum
– Yawning Bread: Extortion rackets as a symptom of political malaise
– TOC: Should the use of dialects be encouraged once more?
– Yawning Bread: Mediacorp should stay out of events management
– Nomed Letters: Sympathizers and Elites [Thanks Lived Nomed]

Life, the universe and everything
– The Enquirer: The last global entertainer
– Backstage Business: More Photos from our World Record Illusion Act!
– Anonymous X: Sherwyn Lui’s winning video contest of Coke Zero’s ‘It’s Possible’ [Thanks Wacky Artz]
– Street71’s Perspective of Singapore: There is NO Free-to-Air TV Channel in Singapore!

Now Showing
– My Little Corner: Why Transformers 2 sucks

I have to agree. To enjoy Transformers 2, leave your brains at the door and ignore the plot holes the size of Optimus Prime’s …..

– Singapore Hedge Fund: Asia’s 25 biggest hedge funds [Thanks Jean]
– Singapore Entrepreneurs: Geek Camp Singapore 2009: Calling for Speakers

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