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Daily SG: 16 Jul 2009

Opposition Wards Not Eligible For Lift Upgrading
- Article 14: Pork Barrel Politics: Good or Bad?

9 NMPs Appointed
- The Singapore Enquirer: A look at the new batch of NMPS

- Blowin’ In The Wind: Up, up and away, Singapore
- Chemical Generation Singapore: Spring is Here
- Singaporean Skeptic: 20% recovery is nothing to brag about.

High Notes & Minibonds
- Today In Singapore: When Your Bank Short Changes You

Twilight in Paradise. Growing Old In Singapore
- The Wayang Party: State media’s spin on elderly working full-time

Daily Discourse
- TOC: Will we ever see another politician like President Ong?
- The boy who knew too much: “Not one of us”
- My sketchbook: Critical Lapses In Auditor-General’s Report

Life, the universe and everything
- A Historian’s Craft: Curating the Oceans: The Future of Singapore’s Past
- the kent ridge common: Ten Minutes Guide to Philosophy
- Aussie Pete: Top 10 You Tube Knockouts

- Dee Kay Dot As Gee: Blogathon 2009

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