Weekly Roundup: Week 32

“When you have a job market that focuses on the cost of labour rather than talent, the talent pool of the country will shrink in response to the selective pressure. It is unnatural selection at work. So by their policies, they are the ones responsible for the decline in worker productivity.”

“..the support for another’s freedom is not weakness but.. a point where religion and society actually meet, a unique sacred moment in secular practice.”
Gwee Li Sui

“He peered into the bin exploring the day’s possibilities.”

“When I read former Prime Minister Goh’s comments on the urgent tasks facing Singaporeans, I wonder if our leaders are out of touch. Does his list of questions resonate with your concerns?”

This week’s roundup and recommended reads after the break.

National Day 2009
– Temasek Review: An amusing paradox: hanging national flags in HDB estates
– Military Sg: Duty, Honour and Country: National Day Reflections [Thanks Panzer] [Recommended]
– TOC: We, the citizens of Singapore
– Rachel Zeng’s blog: A simple reflection and a wish for Singapore
– BEYOND SG: The DNA Coding That Makes Us Singaporean
– AngryAngMo: 5 Perfect Places To Watch The Singapore NDP Fireworks For Free
– The Temasek Review: MSN poll: only 18% of Singaporeans will celebrate National Day
– the kent ridge common: The ideal of equality in our National flag and its reality
– Oikono: Where are the Singaporeans Left? [Recommended]
– The Temasek Review: How Switzerland and Singapore celebrate their National Days
– the kent ridge common: Singapore: A young-nation on the rise
– Article 14: Celebrating National Day
– TOC: “Pledge ourselves as one united people”
– TOC: “Regardless of race, language or religion”
– geraldgiam.sg: Building a Truly Great Nation
– Siew Kum Hong: National Day 2009: thoughts on being Singaporean
– Temasek Review: Gallery: Celebrating our “success” in Seng Kang
– Sam’s thoughts: How to write a National Day song
– Youtube: Isk, Hosni & Friends – Singapore National Day Song Medley [Thanks eVil]
– Temasek Review: Do we know the real meaning behind the words of the National Pledge?
– TOC: “To build a democratic society”
– Military Life: Citizen SXXXXXXXH: Son-Soldier-Worker-Father-Citizen [Thanks Panzer]
– The Void Deck: We is Sg, Sgpooreans! [Thanks SGL]
– Same shit in different packages: We are the people
– Jacob 69er: Videos – National Day messages from Singapore’s political opposition parties

Woody Goh’s 10 Challenges
– the kent ridge common: SM Goh’s fear of Religious Enclaves: Classes may help
– The Rot Within: Yes, propaganda is getting challenging
– The Temasek Review: SM Goh: “Economic growth” a key challenge for next generation
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: SM Goh’s 10 challenges for the next generation..
– The Temasek Review: Reforming the obsolete political system remains a key challenge for the next generation
– Today In Singapore: Ten Challenging Questions
– Mr Wang Says So: The First Question – Global Competition, Economic Growth and that Little Fellow on the MRT Train (You)

GIC, Temasek State Fund Investments: Guess Ho’s baaaaack..
– Desparatebeep: Different Strokes for Different Folks
– My sketchbook: Temasek may team up with public for investments
– Temasek Review: The untimely departure of Chip Goodyear
– The Temasek Review: The Temasek debacle and the failure of one-party rule
– Temasek Review: Temasek’s big blunder as BOA and Barclays rebound
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: Buffett Vindicated!

– TOC: Unemployment – important statistics missing from media reports
– Singaporean Skeptic: Our Multi-Millionaire Minister makes a few ‘insightful’ comments.
– Today In Singapore: Labour Chief Addresses Productivity
– Chemical Generation Singapore: Is the Bear Talking Bull?
– Singaporean Skeptic: Singaporeans don’t save enough?
– Singapore Democrats Blog: We want deeds, not words [Thanks Seelan]

High Notes and Minibonds
– Tan Kin Lian’s Blog: Great Eastern Life shows the way
– Singapore Life and Times: Corporate Responsibility
– My Singapore News: Bravo, Great Eastern
– Tan Kin Lian’s Blog: Volunteers for 22 August Gathering

Strangers in a Strange Land
– Today In Singapore: Pipe Dreams Of The Foreign Kind
– Yours Truly Singapore: Yours Truly Singapore
– TOC: Be thankful to Canada, Mr Brooks

Being Poor in Singapore
– Poverty: The Unknown Side of Singapore
– Jacob 69er: Video – Poverty in Singapore

– Mr Wang Says So: How To Understand Information in the Age of Lots of Information
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: Bubble Trouble?…

re Education
– Illusio: MOE principal to present at Christian lobby seminar [Thanks Jack]

– TOC: God sneaks into our classrooms [Recommended]
– Irreligious: Stealth religion in Singapore schools
– Mathia Lee: On imposing religion

AWARE Aftermath: Thiology Goes to NYU
– QLRS: Voltaire in Singapore [Thanks Gwee] [Recommended]

Pink Issues
– Laïcité: Gay marriage – the mythical threat to traditional marriage
– Sam’s thoughts: Being Straight Singaporean and Grateful
– Used Brains For Sale: Sayoni Coming Out Guide

– Tan Kin Lian’s Blog: US Health debate: cost and benefits

Singapore Organ Trading Hub
– TOC: Death the great leveller

– mrbrown: CPF Life: Gahmen will pay you whatever it likes

ERPains, Trains & Automobiles
– Dee Kay Dot As Gee: Are LTA and Taxi companies serious about saving the Taxi Industry?

National Service
– Ian On The Red Dot: NS – The Price Of Being A Male In The Glorious Nation Of Singapore
– Singaporean Skeptic: The ‘Privilege’ of being a Singaporean Male

Free Burma
– TOC: George Yeo is mistaken about Burma’s history
– Singapore Social Activist: George Yeo’s Response to my Article on Facebook
– that burning republic-state: His Rose-Tinted Glasses

Daily Discourse
– Readings From A Political Duo-ble: Singapore Power’s subsidiary in environmental scandal
– the kent ridge common: Appointing the right people
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: Research Paper on Singapore’s policy responses to ageing, inequality and poverty
– Sgpolitics.net: Films Act shenanigans are pitiful and pathetic
– that burning republic: Head Lessons [Recommended]
– TOC: George Yeo’s Meet the People Session at McDonald’s
– Singapore Democrats Blog: Democrats establish 14-member CEC to lead growing party [Thanks Seelan]
– Readings From A Political Duo-ble: Refugees should not be caned – A reply to UNSW Student Magazine, Tharunka
– Military Life: United Against Terror: Divided by Defence? [Thanks Panzer]
– Sgpolitics.net: Many put up with years of abuse before split
– The Temasek Review: Singapore conferred award on controversial Malaysian police chief
– Siew Kum Hong: Guest piece on Blogtv.sg: Speaker’s Corner CCTV cameras
– Today In Singapore: Seagate’s Swansong
– Chia Ti Lik’s Blog: Federalism / SEA Dynamics / Engagement / Aspirations / Business in SEA
– Singapore Social and Political Thoughts: Will I Vote for PAP?
– The Anti Neo-Democracy Theorist: Interesting Article – Rethinking politics, economics and media
– TOC: What academic freedom? [Recommended]
– Sgpolitics: Mr Yeh Siang Hui’s ST letter on protection for pregnant women misses several critical points

Life, the universe and everything
– The Anti Neo-Democracy Theorist: A guide to overseas studies (in the United States)
– Otterman speaks…: www.weather.gov.sg – NEA’s weather portal revamped
– Singapore Sports Fan: Singapore sets a whopping nine new national records at World Swimming C’ships [Thanks SSF]
– Yesterday….Today….Tomorrow: A walk down Judicial Stretch – City Hall & Supreme Court
– Seelan Palay’s Blog: SATYAMEVA JAYATE (Watch Elangovan’s latest play this weekend) [Thanks Seelan]
– TOC: Why Yasmin Ahmad was so Important to Me? [Thanks Donald]
– Empty Vessel: “Which camera should I buy?”
– Fresh Brainz: Photo Gallery Thirteen
– the(new)mediaslut: Ris Low crowned Miss Singapore 2009
– ALVINOLOGY: Dunking Modeling Bloggers for Charity – Photos from Day 1
– Song of a Reformed Headhunter: Opening Reception of Indignation 2009
– Military Sg: Pegasus’ Wings Clipped in India [Thanks Panzer]
– Chill Out: Why is marijuana illegal?
– Cooler Insights: How HP Marries Art with Technology
– Stunned by Stone: Singapore International Jewellery Show 2009 [Thanks Joel]
– mrbrown: To be good Singapore DJ, you must have American accent, issit?
– SimpliFlying: Singapore Airlines A380 Suites – A Class Beyond First or a First Class Branding Debacle?
– A Gonzo Journal: A Fantastic Music Website, Truly Amazing
– Otterman speaks…: When does 1GBps come a knocking?
– theory.isthereason: theorycast.57 :: Social Media – Strategy Instead Of Tools @ PRSA Buffalo (Part 2)

– Singapore Entrepreneurs: 1st SG-Google Tech User Group Meetup – 29 Aug
– Singapore Entrepreneurs: Nominate Singapore’s 50 Successful Developers
– Virtual Thursday: 6 August 2009 – Virtual Singapore presentation [Thanks Andrew]
– Notes From Serangoon Road: I, Polunin
– Singapore Entrepreneurs: Microsoft Mix-It-Up – Win Mobile 6.5 Development – 27 Aug

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