Weekly Roundup: Week 36

“Paradoxically, I feel increasingly, that to fight against the overwhelming system, we have little choice but to quit the country.”
Not the 1st Pirate

“We are apparently ashamed of other breeds of Singaporeans. We want to dust the broken English-speaking folks under the carpet.”
Sam Ho

“..the saddest and most unfortunate thing about the Viswa Sadasivan episode is one of lost opportunity.”
Andrew Loh

“The tendency of any majority, if left unchecked, is towards tyranny. The tendency of any minority, if left unattended, is towards alienation.”
Alfian Sa’at

“Sir, in the event of a serious threat of a freak election, would you do the unthinkable, that is, send in the army?”
Catherine Lim

This week’s roundup and recommended reads after the break.

– Sgpolitics.net: Critical issues overlooked in HDB’s letter to Straits Times
– The Temasek Review: HDB uses unknown “benchmark” to defend affordability of public housing
– ErniesUrn’s Xanga: HDB keeps it affordable … so thay say
– The Temasek Review: New 4-room HDB flats at Punggol cost up to $293,000
– ALVINOLOGY: Blogging Hiatus – En-bloc Woes
– The Temasek Review: Debunking the official myths about HDB flats(Part 1): Singaporeans are owners of their HDB flats | (Part 2) [Recommended]
– Singapore Peak Oil: Peak Sand = Peak Construction = Peak HDB Housing?
– Who Moved My Singapore Cheese: Mah Bow Tan’s comments will further fuel the property price hike
– The Temasek Review: Debunking the HDB myths (Part 3): Rising prices of HDB flats generate wealth for Singaporeans
– Civic Advocator: Why Singapore keeps pushing up residential property prices
– The Temasek Review: Mah Bow Tan: HDB resale prices to rise, but still “affordable” as they are “subsidized”
– TOC: Cost of building HDB flats – finally an answer?
– The Temasek Review: HDB flats will be “severely unaffordable” using the Median Multiple as a benchmark of housing affordability
– The Temasek Review: Drawbacks of HDB using STIR benchmark of 30 per cent to assess public housing affordability
– Ian On The Red Dot: Stop Complaining – HDB Is Cheap and Affordable
– Singapore Watch: Let Singles buy HDB
– The Petition Site: Lower HDB Valuations or Build More Affordable HDB Housing for Singaporeans

Road to Perdition Repression Election: Harry Lee and The Army of Freak Elections
– The Kent Ridge Common: A probable alliance
– The Kent Ridge Common: Elucidating the mind of a voter
– Where Bears Roam Free: Chiam and Kenneth Jeya tie up is political suicide [Thanks lary]
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: The Japanese vote for change and uncertainty..
– Singapore Angle: The Problem of Relative Choice for Singaporean Voters [Thanks ringisei]
– The Temasek Review: New citizens: a new support base for the PAP
– The Temasek Review: Time for the young to drive the creation of a two-party system in Singapore
– The Temasek Review: MM Lee cleverly sidetracked Catherine Lim’s question on sending in the army in event of a ‘freak election’
– Singabloodypore: Singapore is not an electoral democracy
– catherinelim.sg: ‘Sir, would you send in the army?’
– Singapore Recalcitrant: A Manifestation of Realism
– Today In Singapore: “Sir, Okay To Send In Army Or Not?”
– The Temasek Review: A rebuttal to MM Lee’s highfalutin ideas of the PAP’s ‘non-interference’ in Singapore’s institutions (Part 1)
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: MM Lee : PAP in power for 10 more years!
– Chee Wai’s Random Musings: Thoughts on Democracy by D.W. Eisenhower. Something to think about.
– Ian On The Red Dot: How To Send In The Army In Case PAP Loses The Election
– Feed Me To The Fish: Do Singaporeans deserve to be treated like Freaks?
– My sketchbook: Hang in there, boys

Lee vs Sadasivan
– DeconstructionTimes: Mainstream media needs to rebuild broken trust, says Viswa Sadasivan [Thanks Reikoko] [Recommended]
– TOC: Why report on Viswa Sadasivan’s speech was removed from TOC
– Singapore Recalcitrant: No racial inequality in Utopian Singapore?
– TOC: The Singapore Story – A failure of pragmatism [Recommended]
– Hammersphere: Does the PAP MP agree with these?
– TOC: We should respect MM Lee, but not defer to him [Recommended]
– The Brotherhood Press: The Day The House Came Down On A Souffle – Part 1
– TOC: Should Article 152 be scrapped from the Singapore Constitution? [Recommended]
– Trapper’s Swamp: Article 152 of the Singapore Constitution, and why we’re different from Malaysia

The Gospel of Harry
– Today In Singapore: Voices Of The Vanquished
– The Temasek Review: PAP stalwarts and “leftists” refused to be interviewed by SPH
– Only “objective” and “factual” political films please, we’re Singaporeans: New PAP book neglects founding members detained for 19 years

Truth, Justice, and the Singapore Way
– Today In Singapore: Justice For All
– The Temasek Review: Singapore’s Two-Faced Judiciary

National Day 2009
– The Temasek Review: Race and religion: a convenient smoke-screen to divert attention from more important issues?

GIC, Temasek State Fund Investments
– The Temasek Review: Temasek: One Step Closer to Accountability?
– Singapore Recalcitrant: How Sophistic Can Temasek Be?
– The Grand Moofti Speaks: Wall Street Journal: Temasek Give Singaporeans Back their Money? [Thanks Imran]

High Notes and Minibombs
– The boy who knew too much: An obvious ruse.
– Tan Kin Lian’s Blog: Petition to Prime Minister – Reply by MAS

– TOC: When the economy dives, the GST must too
– The Temasek Review: Unions’ new battle plan is to raise productivity in one sector only
– The Secret Political Blog: The People are the Problem [Recommended]

Singaporeans are fed up with progress
– The Temasek Review: Selective news blackout on findings of UBS study by state media
– Frankly Speaking: Singaporeans are fed, up with progress!

Strangers in a Strange Land
– Gerald Giam’s Blog: The necessary privileges of citizenship
– LIANAIN FILMS: Goodbye, Abu Sama
– The Temasek Review: A question of fairness: PRs competing with citizens for Primary 1 places
– Trapper’s Swamp: Failed by the system
– Today In Singapore: Fear Factor
– TOC: Six months on the streets

Singapore Coloring
– ed’s Blog: The Need for Critical Introspection amongst singaporean Chinese

Twilight in Paradise. Growing Old In Singapore
– TOC: Is the Public Assistance scheme adequate for elderly folks?
– Gerald Giam’s Blog: 76-year old cardboard lady in Singapore
– The Temasek Review: Embedding for AFP video on 76 year old Singapore street scavenger “disabled by request”
– The Temasek Review: Limitations of Tsao foundation study on care of Singapore elderly
– Singapore Social and Political Thoughts: The Poor and Forgotten Nation Builders and Prime Taxi Cabbies’ Dispute
– Singaporean Skeptic: I am glad there is no welfare in Singapore.
– Mathia Lee: Ageing populations: Determining YOUR future
– The Temasek Review: $500,000 v $100m v $40b: Have a sense of proportion, Singaporeans!

Healthcare & Healthcare Providers
– The Kent Ridge Common: Time for a medical media watchdog
– Sgpolitics.net: Urgent need to plug gaping holes in our healthcare system
– The Gigamole Diaries: The Pfizer US$2.3Bn fine,… and off-label use of drugs

Singapore Organ Trading Hub
– The Kent Ridge Common: Does a legalized market for kidneys in Singapore violate human dignity?

National Service
– Gerald Giam’s Blog: Suggestions to MINDEF regarding Record V recommedations
– Military Sg: IDF Reservist Service Compensation as Comparison?
– Singaporean Skeptic: Singapore NS compensation? Let’s compare with the US.
– Singaporean Skeptic: The NS issue revisited.

ERPains, Trains & Automobiles
– The fire in my life: New EZ Link Card GIRO Woes [Thanks Joel]
– My Little Corner: Summary of Changes to Off-peak Car Scheme
– Tantalizine: Knee Jerk Diatribe
– Hard Hitting in the Lion City: Enhancements To Confusion
– Hard Hitting in the Lion City: The Meaning of Bonus

– Trapper’s Swamp: Saying “God bless” is not a “violation of secularism”
– Irreligious: Extreme secularism [Thanks Terence]
– ed’s Blog: The Belief in Gods 1 – in discussion [Thanks lary]
– The Catholic News: Religious Harmony or Religious Apathy? [Thanks lary]

Pink Issues
– Only “objective” and “factual” political films please, we’re Singaporeans: Gay-themed films gets a bashing

Daily Discourse
– Sg Pirate Game: Not one without the other
– ErniesUrn’s Xanga: Flexi-Worker
– Singapore Social and Political Thoughts: TV License Fees in Singapore
– Singapore Social and Political Thoughts: TV Licenses or Lack of It around the World
– The Grand Moofti Speaks: Singapore’s Secularism – Fast or Feast during Ramadan!
– Tan Kin Lian’s Blog: A nation run by scholars
– Master Of The Obvious: A Kinder, Gentler Philosophy of Success for Singapore and its Entrepreneurs [Recommended]
– Sam’s thoughts: The Low Blow on Ris: It is trendy not to give credit to others [Recommended]
– Singapore Recalcitrant: The Debilitating Side-effect of the Speak Mandarin Campaign
– Seelan Palay’s Blog: How much do protests matter? [Thanks Seelan]
– Singapore Angle: US Strategic Bombing of Singapore, 1944-45 [Thanks ringisei]
– geraldgiam.sg: Civil servants: Take better care of your Minister’s bosses
– mrbrown: ST Blogs: Internet steals minister’s thunder
– TOC: LTA’s “palpable panic” over news leak
– Tan Kin Lian’s Blog: Running the country
– Ian On The Red Dot: Miss Singapore World 2009 Ris Low Isn’t A Cunning Linguist
– The Secret Political Blog: Analysis of the Utusan Melayu Attack on Lee Kuan Yew
– StaticVariable: Going the way of Japan?
– Tan Kin Lian’s Blog: A new society (1) – Right to a job on fair terms
– guanyinmiao’s musings: Programme Advisory Committee for English Programmes (PACE)
– The Temasek Review: Ma Ying-Jeou’s public apology and the lessons for Singapore

Life, the universe and everything
– AngryAngMo: Singapore Idol – Are You Serious? (Hate Me Now)
– Singapore Fountain Pen: Safra Bay Run & Army Half Marathon 2009 (3 of 3) [Thanks Major]
– Mathia Lee: Wanted : Female police officers
– Ramblings of DarkMirage: Anime Festival Asia 09 – Press Conference
– The FØØL’s Progress: Peek-a-Boo! Anime Festival Asia 2009
– Cooler Insights: Are Museums All Things to All Men?
– Mr Wang Says So: Odd Thoughts and The Illusion of Free Will
– TOC: My first experience of a public protest
– Singapore Entrepreneurs: On Intellectual Property and Online Strategy
– The FØØL’s Progress: Gundam Gals

– Singapore Entrepreneurs: Events For The Week – 29 Aug-5 Sept
– The Temasek Review: Reform Party 1st Dinner Anniversary
– 光でも闇でも: Evangelion 2.0 Is Coming to Singapore!!!!!!!!!

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