Daily Tech: 18 Nov 2009

Kindle is going to Canada. But not Singapore YET. Sigh. Oh well, Zune is going to launch outside US. Let’s hope Singapore is in their list.

– Reuters: Amazon to launch Kindle in Canada
– FT.com: Zune to launch outside US
– The Best Article Every day: 5 Impressive Real-Life Google Wave Use Cases
– TechGoondu: Replacing physical cabling with wireless 802.11n
– MacRumors: Retail Roundup: Apple to Release ‘Concierge’ iPhone Application? Nashua, NH Store Opening?
– Arstechnica: Respected developers begin fleeing from App Store platform
– Tech65: Why Tourists Probably Can’t Register for Wireless@SG Online
– TechGoondu: Nokia E72 goes on sale
– Engadget: Samsung unveils Android-equipped Galaxy Spica i5700
– Zdnet: Windows Mobile loses nearly a third of market share
– BBC: Microsoft disconnects Xbox gamers
– EVHEAD: Why Retweet works the way it does
– Google Mobile: Google Latitude, now with Location History & Alerts

Reviews | Guides
– Tech65: Gear65 #43 – XM-I X-Mini Max 2
– Preetam Rai: Best Camera Presentation
– Tech65: Gear65 #44 – HTC Touch Pro2 + Windows Mobile 6.5

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