Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup: Week 03

“..we are all Singaporeans – should race matter at all?”
Leong Sze Hian

“So, Singapore, please keep on lying – and your citizens will keep on leaving.”
Valentine Cawley

“The Singapore Story is hardly a history of Singapore, much less the history of Singapore that we have read about. It is a fantasy that we’re living in.”

“Singaporeans who needed homes paid for someone else’s poor planning and policies.”

This week’s roundup and recommended reads after the break.

Road to Election
- Diary of A Singaporean Mind: Opposition Election Strategy – Part 2 [Recommended]
- The Temasek Review: Yes Singapore, you deserve a dose of incompetent government
- Dee Kay Dot As Gee: New Media: Where the most intensive fights will be
- On Nation and State: The difference between local level elections and a national election.
- On Nation and State: The 2006 PAP Scoreboard
- ST Forum: Surprised by ‘cooling off’ idea [Thanks Anthony]
- On Nation and State: The 2006 opposition party performance and the opposition voter profile.
- TOC: Fairness – not patronage!

- TOC: HDB housing policies – tilting the advantage towards PRs?
- My sketchbook: The insatiable demand for flats
- Singapore Alternatives: People of the Tents — Joshua Chiang [Recommended]
- Tan Kin Lian’s Blog: HDB flats and population growth
- TOC: People of the tents
- TOC: HDB’s reply on flats for foreigners – a conflict of interest?
- Diary of A Singaporean Mind: High HDB Prices : Curbing the surge
- Tan Kin Lian’s Blog: Prices of HDB Flats
- The Temasek Review: Mah Bow Tan claims that HDB flats remain “affordable” and asks Singaporeans to buy a flat “within their means”

Strangers in a Strange Land
- Singaporean Skeptic: The PAP still doesn’t get it.
- The Temasek Review: Singapore primary schools “swarmed” by PRs and foreigners
- WSJ: Singapore’s Expat Surge Fuels Economic Fears [Thanks Anthony]
- The Temasek Review: WSJ: Influx of foreign workers decrease wages of Singaporeans, labor productivity & quality of life
- Singaporean Skeptic: Singaporeans are returning not because we have the best government in the world.
- utopia8787: Influx of Foreigners: Employment

GIC, Temasek State Fund Investments
- Blowin’ In The Wind: GIC faces $575m loss in ‘biggest US real-estate blunder’
- Temasek Hedge: GIC at forefront of impending CRE disaster in America: Singapore boleh!
- Kaffein-nated: GIC, Temasek State Fund Investments
- The Temasek Review: GIC may lose more than SGD$20 billion dollars of Singapore’s reserves
- The Secret Political Blog: Straits Times has not praised GIC enough
- The Asia File: More woes for Singapore sovereign wealth funds

Re education
- The Temasek Review: Shanmugam’s grand design to “politicize” Singapore schools: The fine line between political education and indoctrination
- The Temasek Review: Straits Times continues to spread its “propaganda” in Singapore secondary schools
- The boy who knew too much: Singapore’s love of lying.
- TOC: Rebutting Law Minister K Shanmugam [Recommended]
- The Temasek Review: Political education: Teach our children the real meaning of the National Pledge first

- Irreligious: The Malaysian ‘Allah’ controversy: A matter of liberty
- The Magic Within: The politics of choice, faith and inclusiveness
- thrills, spills & flatliners: The Day The Music Died
- Gerald Giam’s Blog: Silver lining in the church attacks
- Desparatebeep: In the Name of Allah:Yahweh and so on.
- My Thoughts: One Country’s Misfortune is Another’s Political Mileage [Thansk Ganga]
- Irreligious: Politics in Malaysia’s ‘Allah’ debacle
- TOC: Are evangelists religious extremists?
- TOC: The edge of tolerance
- TOC: Youth wing leaders from S’pore & Malaysia condemn attacks
- All Things Singapore: Of the word that Malaysian non-Muslims cannot say [Thanks Jim]

Ronald McDonald: Pigs Out
- Singapore Life and Times: Religious Fear
- Nomadism: Singapore Mac Donald’s unilateral decide to drop the “Pig” from its zodiac collectibles
- Dee Kay Dot As Gee: McDonalds Singapore remove pig from the Chinese zodiac
- Kaffein-nated: Food for Thought: Amusing piggy issues
- Let’s Go To Speakers’ Corner: Lobby Mcdonalds to restore the PIG; 16 Jan 2010
- la nausée: The McDonald’s Doraemon Pig Toy Controversy
- The Grand Moofti Speaks: Muslims boycott McDonald’s in Singapore

Singapore Coloring
- TOC: We are Singaporeans, race should not matter?
- Mathia Lee: Choosing my race
- Today In Singapore: A Rainbow Nation

Twilight in Paradise
- TOC: CPF: the risk of living too long
- The Temasek Review: PAP MP Lee Bee Wah: Paying retiring workers creates “hardship” for employers
- Diary of A Singaporean Mind: EAP – Employment Assistance Payment

The Gospel of Harry
- Times They Are A-Changin’: To Be Or Not To Be…
- Feed Me To The Fish: Am I grumbling?

Healthcare & Healthcare Providers
- Diary of A Singaporean Mind: Sickness in Wealth and Poverty
- The Gigamole Diaries: H1N1 pandemic? Now we know what a sham it had been
- The Gigamole Diaries: Dr Devathasan’s run in with the Singapore Medical Council

ERPains, Trains & Automobiles
- Musings From the Lion City: Revised OPC
- Insane Polygons: Gahmen Thinks We Stupid

Lee vs Chee
- Chee Siok Chin’s Blog: Going to jail is least of Chee Siok Chin’s concerns [Thanks Selan]

We are against Capital Punishment
- la nausée: Capital Punishment in Singapore: Preliminary Statistics

Little Green Dot
- ECO: Our Response to NMP Assoc Prof Pauline Tay’s questions to Parliament

Daily Discourse
- Growing your tree of prosperity: So Singapore is not good enough for Singaporeans. Now what? [Thanks Wai Chung]
- TOC: Unraveling his story
- Kelvin Teo Writes: Fear factor that gets really bad
- Singapore Life and Times: Kopi same
- Furry Brown Dog: Productivity and Singapore’s economic growth model [Recommended]
- Barnyard Chorus: “the world becomes a nastier place for women”
- The Secret Political Blog: Taking “National Identity” to ludicrous heights
- TOC: The tabernacle of respect
- Jacob 69er: {Video} Part 1 of SDP’s Let’s Talk with Michael Fernandez
- Today In Singapore: Kids Say The Darndest Things
- Seelan Palay’s Blog: 2010 and the path ahead for activism in Singapore
- Readings From A Political Duo-ble: Working Paper – Neoliberalism and its human rights impact on Singapore (Part II) [Recommended]
- Jacob 69er: Message from Singaporeans For Democracy
- Blowin’ In The Wind: Malaysia more ‘free’ than Singapore: Freedom House
- SDP’s Let’s Talk with Dr Wong Wee Nam
- My views on the SDP’s stand on civil disobedience and political reform
- TOC: Deep sympathy and solidarity with the people of Haiti
- Jacob 69er: Singapore: The politics of inventing national identity

Life, the universe and everything
- Dee Kay Dot As Gee: Nexus One 3G connectivity issue
- The Crunch Time Blog: 10 reasons I prefer Nexus One (Google Android Phone) over Apple iPhone.”>10 reasons I prefer Nexus One (Google Android Phone) over Apple iPhone. [Thanks Andrew]
- Frankly Speaking: MioTV: Big on screwing preschoolers
- Who Moved My Singapore Cheese: Words of wisdom from a 59 year old taxi driver
- Bernard Leong: Some Thoughts on Google vs China
- Sg Pirate Game: Be hungry, be foolish
- Brad’s Blog: Why did it have to be said? Singapore movie quality.
- The Useless Tree: Disability and Disease
- Anonymous_X: Friday solar eclipse (coming soon in the sky above you)

- Barnyard Chorus: 2010 Asia Internet MSM Sex Survey
- Seelan Palay’s Blog: Join Singaporeans For Democracy for a discussion this Thursday (Jan 14)
- Gerald Giam’s Blog: YouthQuake 6 – The Influence of Online Media on Singaporean Youths
- Dee Kay Dot As Gee: Ling Kai performing at Starbucks
- Seelan Palay’s Blog: Reminder: Join Singaporeans For Democracy for a discussion this Thursday (Jan 14)
- Loo Zihan: Threshold in 1st SSFA

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