Daily Tech: 18 Feb 2010

It’s Mobile World Congress! Lots of new phones being announced while we are busy celebrating Lunar New Year. Perhaps the biggest announcement is the announcement of Windows Phone 7 Series. Looks pretty promising. Hey! There is no more Start button.

Besides MWC2010, Google launched Google Buzz which is something like Twitter and Facebook Status. Lots of users complaint about privacy issues which prompted Google to apologise and make it easier for users to edit their privacy settings.

Oh, if you are using foursquare with Twitter updates, you might want to think again.

Mobile World Congress 2010
– Engadget: Windows Phone 7 Series: everything you ever wanted to know
– LesterChan.net: Microsoft Unveils Windows Phone 7 Series
– JustinLee.sg: Windows Phone 7 Series Videos
– Beta News: Windows Phone 7 Series: The good, the bad and the ugly
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– PC World: Intel and Nokia’s MeeGo Join a Brewing OS War
– IntoMobileQualcomm: “There will be a Nokia Symbian phone this year with Snapdragon”
– Engadget: Sony Ericsson outs Xperia X10 mini and Xperia X10 mini pro

– Techgoondu: Buzz vs Facebook, and my seduction by Google
– Empty Vessel: The Age of Too Much Info
– NYTimesAnger Leads to Apology From Google About Buzz
– BBC: Google admits Buzz social network testing flaws
– Techgoondu: Auto login for Wireless@SG – at last
– JustinLee.sg: Color Theory for Designers
– Techgoondu: Microsoft vs Google: Fight!
– Cnet: Slight dip in Google’s January search market share
– Gizmodo: Byteside: “For All Of You Who Are Planning To Buy A 3DTV: For God’s Sake Don’t…”
– MacWorld: Macworld Expo 2010 Best of Show winners
– Cnet: The dark side of geo: PleaseRobMe.com

Reviews | Guides
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– Tech65: Samsung Wave / Bada Exclusive First Look

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