Daily SG: 25 Mar 2010

Singaporeans are fed, up with progress!
– TOC: Universities increase fees: $677m net investment loss?
– The Temasek Review: Sheng Siong increased rental by 30 percent at the 5 wet markets bought by them
– I’m getting personal: SDP’s worst fears about Sheng Siong come true

Countdown to Elections
– The Temasek Review: Understanding the attitude of the PAP

Strangers in a Strange Land
– Singapore Aspirations: On Singapore citizenship and permanent residency

Sin City
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: The TRUTH about the casinos!
– Musings From the Lion City: What For?

Little Green Dot
– The Gigamole Diaries: Climatology – Post-Normal Science

National Service
– Military Life: America’s War Dead [Thanks Panzer]

Re education
– guanyinmiao’s musings: Increase Engagement Of Singapore Sports Agencies In Physical Education

– The Temasek Review: City Harvest Church continues to come under fire from skeptical Singaporeans on ST Forum over its purchase of Suntec stake

Lee vs NYT
– Blowin’ In The Wind: New York Times apology to PM Lee and his father
– NYT: Times Co. Settles Claim in Singapore
– Reuters: New York Times pays damages to Singapore’s leaders
– Asia Sentinel: Singapore’s Lees Cow the International Herald Tribune Again
– The Future of Capitalism: NY Times Settles With Singapore
– NYT: [The] Apology
– Singabloodypore: All in the Family [The offending article]

Lee vs Chee
– journalism.sg: Journalist defends interview with Chee: he really was evasive
– The Temasek Review: Dr Chee Soon Juan replies to Zaobao journalist’s clarification on her Facebook

Daily Discourse
– The Temple Of Thoughts 3: Your Rights to Seating
– TOC: Early childhood teachers: Why are they being frowned upon?

Life, the universe and everything
– New Asia Republic: Give me Liberty or Give me Death!
– Blowin’ In The Wind: Facebook, not news, reigns in Singapore
– Barnyard Chorus: Happy Ada Lovelace Day

– blankanvas: the white party 2010

Selected News Stories
– ST Forum: Why labour mobility may be difficult
– Haaretz: For Singapore, not Sderot
– Reuters: UPDATE 1-IMAX plans digital theater system in Singapore
– The Times of India: Singapore is best city for Asian expats!

This is the last daily news contribution from Gerald Ho as he takes time off to pursue other interests. If you come across an interesting news article from sources other than our state media that you feel should be shared, do email us. All the best Gerald!

Now that’s what I call a Final Year Project. Awesome work by the Comp Science guys from the University of Tromso in Norway.

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