Daily SG: 17 May 2010

We are against capital punishment
– TOC: Prejudicing a fair trial? The Yong Vui Kong case
– funny little world: Reserving the right to kill blindly.
– Rachel Zeng: Pondering on…
– Trapper’s Swamp: Mandatory death penalty ruled constitutional
– guanyinmiao’s musings: Generalisations With Capital Punishment In Singapore
– New Asia Republic: Death penalty serves no demonstrable criminal justice purpose, says international NGO
– Jacob 69er: Singapore Court of Appeal upholds State-sanctioned murder of Yong Vui Kong
– Singabloodypore: Yong Vui Kong to be Hanged

Countdown to Elections
– Chemical Generation Singapore: Leaky Leak Stories
– TOC: Singaporeans’ rights to social security and public housing

Housing Singaporeans
– Gerlad Giam: WP Forum Speech: We can make public housing affordable again [Vid]
– TOC: Workers’ Party Youth Wing Youthquake HDB public forum
– Trapper’s Swamp: What are we, chopped liver?
– Yours Truly Singapore: Mr Minister, a nice home with nice view now please

Mother Tongue
– ST Forum: No apology for cornering Govt: WP chief
– Dee Kay Dot As Gee: Did our Education Minister gave us the wrong impression?
– The Star: Caught in a linguistic dilemma

Strangers in a Strange Land
– The Temasek Review: What the PAP don’t get it: The half-truths about immigration

Re edcuation
– guanyinmiao’s musings: Singapore’s Education System: Balance Creativity, Pragmatism And Ambition

The Beautifulexpansive Game
– Singapore Life and Times: Kick around

– pinkdot.sg: Pink Dot 2010: From the heart
– TOC: Pink dotted!
– Thinker, Writer, Magus, Man: The Problem with Pink Dot
– Irreligious: Thorn in the Christian flesh
– My Very Own Glob: Pinkdot 2010

The passing of Dr Goh Keng Swee
– Sgpolitics: Words of tribute and remembrance for Dr Goh Keng Swee
– Singapore Alternatives: A Tribute to a National Icon – Dr. Goh Keng Swee
– Tan Kin Lian: Dr. Goh Keng Swee’s immense contribution to Singapore
– The Gigamole Diaries: Good leader, or a bad follower….?

Daily Discourse
– It’s all about Amelioration: The Price of Being Egocentric [Thanks Nabs]
– New Asia Republic: Medical misinformation a concern [Thanks D]
– TOC: The Conservative Renaissance – Part 1
– Leona’s Blog: Khairy Sulaiman’s Arrest Reveals Seamy Side of Singapore’s Gender Politics
– New Asia Republic: National conversations: monopoly no more [Thanks D]

Life, the universe and everything
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: Euro : Govt Intervention in the works?
– Angela Leow Gray: StreetWars Singapore shot down after first week [Thanks DK]
– Anonymous_X: A visit to Universal Studios Singapore (definitely will be a regular there!) [Thanks wacky_artz]

– Dee Kay Dot As Gee: Apply for your NDP 2010 tickets NOW!

Selected News Stories
– Huffington Post: Strict Singapore May Be the Most Surprising Place on Earth
– Global Post: Why Singapore went into the casinos industry
– Huffington Post: Breaking the Public Sector Unions’ Stranglehold on State and Local Governments [via New Asia Republic
– Time: Is Cambodia Dredging its Rivers to Death?
– NYT: The Battle for the Internet
– Guardian: Clashes continue in Bangkok (22 pictures)
– GOOD Blog: Intermission: Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull Volcano Erupts in Stop Motion
– The Big Picture: First of the last Space Shuttle launches (42 photos large)

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