Daily SG: 25 May 2010

The passing of Dr Goh Keng Swee
– guanyinmiao’s musings: Our Collective Historical Amnesia: Failure Of “National Education”
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: MM Lee’s Eulogy..

Singaporeans are fed, up with progress!
– TOC: Will we have a smaller electricity bill?
– My Little Corner: Inflation is up 3.2%
– SingStat.gov: The CPI in Apr 2010 rose by 0.9% over Mar 2010 due mainly to higher costs of transport, housing and “recreation & others”. Excluding accommodation costs, the CPI went up by 0.9%. [PDF]

Tanjong Pagar Railway Station
– Musings From the Lion City: Landmark Going
– The Long and Winding Road: Having to bid farewell to another old friend?
– The Malaysian Insider: KL agrees to vacate historic Singapore train station

We are against capital punishment
– covered in his blood: Christians and the Death Penalty – Just not Mandatory [Thanks Paul]

National Service
– I’m getting personal: Conscription

– Irreligious: City Harvest rectifying plagiarised articles [Thanks Terence]
– It’s all about Amelioration: Knowledge is Strength المعرفة قوّة، العلمُ قوّة

Daily Discourse
– The Temasek Review: Making a Case for Public Referendums
– Seelan Palay’s Blog: Internet Control and Auto-regulation in Singapore (PDF)
– The Temasek Review: PAP’s classic three-fold propagandist tactic to brainwash unsuspecting Singaporeans
– Only “objective” and “factual” political films please, we’re Singaporeans: 23 years after Operation Spectrum : Ex-detainees recall mental and physical abuses

Life, the universe and everything
– EcoWalktheTalk: President’s Cancer Panel: Environmental causes of cancer underestimated [Thanks Bhavani]
– Abdillah Zamzuri: Rusticity In Modern Singapore
– blankanvas: 100% LOVE. 100% MINI.
– Cooler Insights: A Visual Tour of Shanghai World Expo
– Webs@Work: BBC: The Virtual Revolution

– Balderdash: Survey on Gen Y

Selected News Stories
– Bloomberg: Temasek Loses Final Indonesia Antitrust Breach Appeal (Update2)
– NYT Arts: In Singapore, Musical Theater That Prefers Its Own Local Flavor
– Bloomberg: Temasek Loses Final Appeal on Indonesian Anti-Monopoly Ruling
– WIT at TheTransitCafe: Eyewitness reports from Bangkok: The aftermath
– FT.com: AIA chief in threat to quit over Pru deal
– BBC: Why Prudential gambles on Asian growth
– Reuters: Politics redraws the investment map in South East Asia
– The Economist: Who’s at risk? [to the Euro]
– Ritholtz: Lessons for the Apprenticed Investor
– Quote and Comment: Speech on “How Power Handles Public Scrutiny”

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