Weekly Roundup: Week 25

” In the case of judicial torture, all of society is implicated every time a struggling, screaming man is beaten in our name.”
Jolene Tan

“If US Trafficking Report is “political ritual”, then what about town council report?”

“The mainstream media has perpetuated precisely what the mandatory death penalty seeks to do: de-individualize those it condemns.”
Choo Zheng Xi

“Lots of Freaky news. You KNOW they will happen. Again. and again… How prepared are we?”
Matha Lee

This week’s roundup and recommended reads after the break.

Countdown to Elections
– Gerald Giam: ‘Underwhelmed’ by Town Council report
– Yaw Shin Leong: Empathy, empathy, where art thou?
– Singapore Dino: Town Council report “divorced from reality”
– TOC: Cleaner estates? Consider paying more, says minister
– Sgpolitics.net: PAP has the cheek to condemn Potong Pasir
– The Temasek Review: Opposition MPs pour scorn on report which gives their Town Councils the lowest scores
– Singapore Notes: Pay First, Maintenance Later
– TOC: Chiam responds to TCMR report
– TOC: Disclose additional funding received by PAP TCs : Low tells MND
– TOC: What Singapore’s opposition can learn from Malaysia’s Pakatan Rakyat
– i have succumbed to peer pressure: What happens at the ballot box…
– Yawning Bread on Wodpress: Good counterpunches by Workers’ Party chief
– TOC: Low Thia Khiang rebuts Grace Fu’s latest assertions
– The Temasek Review: A complacent government or an absolute clueless one? [Recommended]
– TOC: Confused by S&CC arrears management score?

Kong Hee Doing The Ming Yi
– Irreligious: City Harvest’s financial statement on the Internet
– Tan Kin Lian’s Blog: City Harvest Church
– Random Thoughts Of A Free Thinker: Churches in society — a force for good or not?
– Sze Zeng: A theological-political reflection over the happening at City Harvest Church
– The Temasek Review: Senior Pastor Kong Hee accused of plagiarism
– The Logical Christian: Facing Up To The Inconvenient Truth
– Simply Gab: CHC: Greed & Faith is a powerful combination
– covered in his blood: Salt and Light…how I see it.
– Mass Validation: Plagiarism in the church (?)
– A Mummy’s Biz: Plagiarism? Pastor Kong Hee of CHC
– Thoughts attic: I was from CHC
– Tents of Issachar: More Ho-Doms…
– Jesus Christ Is Lord: Non-Biblical Teachings Of Kong Hee Of City Harvest Church [Thanks Ken]
– Irreligious: Jack Neo’s new movie to screen during City Harvest Church services
– Fit to Post: Pastor’s wife questioned by police

Fricker and Loyld Do Singapore
– TOC: Excuse me, have you seen Raymond and Kan Seng?
– Singapore Recalcitrant: A Comic Opera
– The Art Of Dumbspeak: First Time Seen In Singapore
– The Temsek Review: SMRT Fiasco: A case of dumb and dumber
– department of crappy engineering: train for creativity
– TOC: Caning violates international norms
– Balderdash: “The reason why Mr. Lee Kwan Yew has no Facebook Friend.”
– ST Forum: A safe-to-fail mentality will only breed complacency
– TOC: Spotting a terrorist
– The Temasek Review: Who should accept responsibility for the security lapse at SMRT Depot?
– TOC: Take responsibility, SDP tells PAP government

The Great Flood of Orchard
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: TNP 1999 : Why Orchard Road will NEVER flood..
– Nomadism: Orchard road…soaked up to knee level
– Sgpolitics.net: “Once in 50 year event” just happened again!
– The Lycan Times: Sungei Orchard
– Want some tau huay?: Something big happened in Orchard Road, and no, it wasn’t the Great Singapore Sale
– Singapore Social and Political Thoughts: Freak Flood again? (Now at Orchard Road)
– mrbrown: Someone call the Minister of Freak Incidents! Orchard Road flooding!
– funny little world: Help! Help! I can’t swim!
– TOC: Orchard Road flooded (Updated)
– Vinyarb: Today’s Orchard Flood is just the beginning [Thanks Richard]
– Wild Shore of Singapore: Sea level rise in Singapore: what effects?
– Reuben, Dewen, Guo Ann: Mapping Potential Sea Level Rise in Singapore
– My Sketchbook: Flooding at orchard road
– EDMW: [GPGT] Ochard Road Flooded!!
– Bloomberg: Singapore Faces More Rain After Orchard Shopping District Flood
– Mathia Lee: Freak Flash Flood [Recommended]
– Singapore Social and Political Thoughts: Blame the small drains for Orchard Road Flood!
– Singapore Dino: Where is Yaacob Ibrahim hiding?
– Levin: Repeating Somebody
– Cooler Insights: NTUC Income Scores with Flooding Ad
– Midnight Monkey Monitor: Let the flooding begin! [Thanks Andy]
– The Big Picture: European flooding [large pics]
– The Frame: Spring floods around the globe [large pics]

Singapore Human Trafficking Hub
– TOC: S’pore not doing enough to curb human trafficking, says US
– Singapore Dino: If US Trafficking Report is “political ritual”, then what about town council report?
– SMH: Human trafficking claims upset Singapore
– Bloomberg: Singapore, Thailand Backslide in Trafficking Fight (Update2)
– AFP: US puts Singapore, Thailand on human trafficking watch list
– The Star: Malaysia’s status upgraded in US human trafficking report

We are against capital punishment
– Yawning Bread on WordPress: Why we don’t chop off hands [Recommended]
– Rachel Zeng: Yong Vui Kong finally catches Malaysian media’s attention
– Rachel Zeng: Silence on Yong’s coming execution in S’pore
– funny little world: Fighting for a life.
– TOC: Media’s silence on Yong Vui Kong a national shame [Recommended]
– TOC: Malaysian Law Minister not aware of Yong’s case
– IPS: Counsel Hold Out Hope for Youth on Death Row in Singapore [via Jacob 69er]
– Rachel Zeng: Press conference at the Malaysian Bar Council

Strangers in a Strange Land
– Thinker, Writer, Magus, Man: Citizen X
– The Temasek Review: The realities of Permanent Residents (PRs) who come and go
– Singaporean Skeptic: The Singapore Story: From Third world to Whorehouse.
– The Temasek Review: The dark side of unrestrained immigration: a family’s plight

GIC, Temasek State Funds Investments
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: GIC: Shld have read this before buying BP
– Guardian: Q&A: BP’s dividend
– Room for Debate: Can the U.S. Punish BP’s Shareholders?
– Bloomberg: Thaicom Surges on Thailand Plan to Buy Temasek Stake (Update1)
– Bloomberg: Norway, Sovereigns Lose $5 Billion on BP After Spill (Update1)

New Creation New Kids On The Dock
– Irreligious: Atoning for past mistakes
– The Logical Christian: New Creation Church Faces Up To The Inconvenient Truth
– Singaporean Skeptic: What’s the big deal?
– The Logical Christian: Understanding Pastor Mark
– Kaffein-nated: Where is the line?
– AP: Singapore church apologizes for mocking Taoism
– ST Forum: On evangelists and religious convictions

ERPains, Trains & Automobiles
– The Quest to be Gainfully Employed: Distance-based Fares are but public transport fare hikes in disguise [Thanks sharon]
– ST Forum: Does MRT no-drinking rule apply to babies?

Healthcare & Healthcare Providers
– TOC: H1N1 pandemic and a WHO conspiracy?
– TOC: Moving towards plant-based diets

Twilight in Paradise
– singapost: The land where the poor and the old crush cans [Thanks Ravi]

National Service
– Dee Kay Dot As Gee: 10 years ago..

The Beautiful expensive Game
– ambiguity: The Evils Of Our Telcos
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: How to watch soccer for free on the Internet
– motochan: Watch World Cup 2010 for Free
– My Little Corner: Watching World Cup 2010 for free
– SpotlightOnSingapore: Singapore TV licence: why can’t it fund World Cup?
– Ian On The Red Dot: Football Fans Of Singapore – Show Your Football Knowledge
– The Gigamole Diaries: Teaching a new ball old tricks…
– department of crappy engineering: the making of jabulani
– NYT Goal: A Short History of World Cup Goalkeeping Blunders ( videos )

Daily Discourse
– TOC: A local hero deserving of a National Day award
– Want some tau huay?: The Straits Times: Why I don’t read it
– The Temasek Review: Serving up a dish of slow-cooked frog leg stew, Singapore style
– Tan Kin Lian’s Blog: Speaker’s Corner, 12 June
– Yawning Bread on WordPress: Arts group: “Censorship isn’t working: regulate instead”
– Arts Engage: No to censorship, regulate instead
– Mr Wang Says So: The Bigger the Gang..
– Seelan Palay’s Blog: Support young S’porean artist in democracy video contest
– The Asia File: Mahathir: Politicians who sue critics are cowards
– ST Forum: Self-help instead of relying on police
– Yawning Bread on WordPress: Competition watchdog shows it will bite
– Ravi Philemon: Investigation of ‘anti-PAP’ flier
– I’m getting personal: Fostering better ties with our neighbours: A foreign policy must
– Tan Kin Lian’s Blog: Tender Loving Society
– guanyinmiao’s musings: Singapore’s ‘G’ Mail: An Exercise In Redundancy And Bureaucracy [Recommended]
– Mathia Lee: Strategies for individuals: how to ensure secularism in Sg
– Seelan Palay’s Blog: Sign to support arts community proposal on censorship and regulation

Life, the universe and everything
– Eco Walk The Talk: Contraction & Convergence: An urgent global imperative to tackle Climate Change [Thanks Bhavani]
– Dee Kay Dot As Gee: So Long For Now: The Fire Fight Says Farewell
– The boy who knew too much: Ridzwan Dzafir, Mr. Asean, Pondok Boy.
– Eco Walk The Talk: Being a Locavore in Singapore
– The Long and Winding Road: Grown men prancing on cardboard horses: Kuda Kepang
– Tiny Island: French Girl in a Singapore Household: Culture Shock
– Anonymous_X: Bausch & Lomb HD moment : why the hell Masaru left… [Thanks wacky_artz]
– EcoWalktheTalk: Better labelling of GM foods in Singapore essential
– Bernard Leong: The End of the Free Market by Ian Bremmer
– Dee Kay Dot As Gee: Singapore gets iTunes on iPhone! But you still can’t buy music.
– blankanvas: the human network
– singularity industries: The Fire Fight Say So Long, For Now.

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