Daily SG: 31 Aug 2010

2010 National Day Rally
General Responses
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: My Take on the ND Rally..
– Words of the Cze: National Day Rally 2010
– Tan Kin Lian’s Blog: National Day Rally – some views
– Singapore Dino: Spotting the big holes in the rally speech
– Singapore Notes: The Speech That Need Not Be Delivered
– SpotlightOnSingapore: National Day Rally: why were these pressing concerns ignored?
– Insane Polygons: Snake Oil Salesman
– mrbrown: Tweets from National Day Rally 2010
– My sketchbook: National day rally -The persuasion

Immigrants & Foreigners
– TOC: The PAP and the Malay Singaporean: Between rhetoric, reality and meritocracy
– The Temasek Review: PM Lee’s “out of touch” National Day Rally speech on immigration issues
– Gerald Giam: Immigrants and foreign workers: Let’s talk real numbers
– Musings From the Lion City: The Rally
– Chemical Generation Singapore: Population Bomb (Metaphor)

– Blowin’ In The Wind: HDB flats can’t be resold, sublet for 5 years
– My Little Corner: The latest government measures may just work

$9,000 for your votes National Service
– Singaporean Skeptic: $9000 compensation for NS.

Opposition Responses
– VotingRp: RP’s Response to PM’s National Day Message
– Sgpolitics.net: PM Lee’s National Day Rally Speech 2010 — James Bond is in town!
– SDA Desmond Lim Bak Chuan Facebook: A Response to the Prime Minister’s National Day Rally 2010 Speech

We are against capital punishment
– TOC: Nazri Aziz’s remarks – a significant step?
– funny little world: We Believe In Second Chances

Re education
– guanyinmiao’s musings: What The Tuition Explosion Reflects About Our Education System
– ST Forum: Quizzing children in the evening just won’t do

– Yawning Bread on WordPress: Drama of boxed thinking

Seventh Month
– My Queenstown: Huat Arh! Let’s Makan and Watch Show With Mok Mok [Thanks Yazhi]
– My Queenstown: Hungry Ghosts are Coming Out! [Thanks Yazhi]
– Singapore Playground: Hungry Ghost Festival 2010 [Thanks Yazhi]

Daily Discourse
– Sam’s Thoughts: Lay(person)ing the law: Section 377A’s constitutionality

– Dover Park Hospice: SUNday Walk 2010 5 Sep 2010 @ Tanjong Beach to Palawan Beach, Sentosa [Thanks Charlene]

Selected News Stories
– Telegraph: Expats snap up ‘landed properties’ in Singapore
– BusinessWeek: Singapore Developer Bonds Slide as Rules Added to Cool Prices
– The Star: What does Merdeka mean?
– SMH Drive: Outback test: Toyota v Land Rover v Mitsubishi v Nissan
– infomaniac Flickr: “What happens when you mess with the physics of it all?” [Lego Inception city bending]

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