Daily SG: 19 Oct 2010

We are against capital punishment
– TOC: Alan Shadrake Trial(Live): Day 1
– TOC: Shadrake’s book a “blatant, contemptuous attack against the judiciary’ – DPP
– TOC: “We shouldn’t be so hypersensitive in reacting” – M Ravi
– TOC: Singapore Justice in the Dock Indeed

Leaving no ones behind
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: Income Gap : Too Big to Ignore..
– NYT: Income Inequality: Too Big to Ignore

Minimun Wage
– The Temasek Review: Minister Lim Swee Say is the answer to “minimum wage” for all Singaporeans

Countdown to Elections
– Singapore Notes: Surely You Are Not Afraid?

Singaporeans are fed, up with progress!
– It’s all about Amelioration: What Goes Up Never Comes Down

Housing Singaporeans
– The Pattern Trader: Singapore Housing – My View (Retake 2)

Healthcare & Healthcare Providers
– guanyinmiao’s musings: The Dengue Proliferation: A Question of Accountability And Responsibility

Re education
– The Gigamole Diaries: Prof Su Guaning steps down as President of NTU

Daily Discourse
– Barnyard Chorus: On Women’s Charter: What About the Menz!?
– New Asia Republic: Solving the Central Problem of Economics
– thisISmyPEN: Does society need communication and literature students?
– The Gigamole Diaries: Lilly Singapore Center for Drug Discovery gets the chop
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: F1 & “nation-building, constructive” media
– Today Voices: Clean up treatment of cleaners

Life, the universe and everything
– Balderdash: Female Character Flowchart
– Musings From the Lion City: It’s Time Is Over

– The Enquirer: LIVE Coverage of Ministerial Forum

Selected News Stories
– CNNGo: The ‘puppy mills’ of Singapore
– BusinessWeek: Singapore Economy May Fall Into Technical Recession
– WSJ: 2nd UPDATE: Eli Lilly To Close Singapore Drug Discovery Center
– Motorsport.com: Singapore to host at least four more F1 races
– NYT: Torn Between 2 Phones, Again: Android vs. Windows Phone 7
– Engadget: Nokia N8 review

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