Weekly Roundup: Week 48

“We have to question our perpetual insistence on crime-fighting and open our eyes to the socio-political and economic conditions that have coerced individuals, families and groups into “crime” itself.”
Sam Ho

“If you can’t condemn and judge child pornography, Singapore as a society is in big trouble.”

“If we can’t effectively increase and improve transport infrastructure, and simply [charge] more whenever congestion gets worse, then what is the incentive to reduce congestion?”
Leong Sze Hian

“..I think a distinction has to be recognised between morality and the political manipulation of the discourse of morality.”
Koh Choon Hwee

This week’s roundup and recommended reads after the break.

Countdown to Elections
– Yawning Bread on WordPress: Shooting non-linear bullets
– The Temasek Review: Singapore Report Card – An analysis of the PAP government
– TOC: PAP has utterly lost its way: Dr Vincent Wijeysingha
– Sgpolitics.net: ST forum letter by Gandhi Ambalam: Chee far from politically bankrupt
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: S’pore Inc: Can PAP go beyond scolding?
– The Temasek Review: The Taiwanese confrontational style of the PAP
– The Kent Ridge Common: Framing our Political Discussions with Ignorance and Morality [Recommended]
– The Temasek Review: Isn’t 1/3 + 1 a more achievable goal?
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: S’pore Inc: What is BG Yeo trying to tell us?
– guanyinmiao’s musings: Opposition Parties And Candidates Enter The Fray
– Sgpolitics.net: Dr Wong Wee Nam’s rally speech at SDP’s “It’s About You” rally
– Jaslyn Go’s Blog: My Mandarin Speech Translated
– The Temasek Review: Singapore Democrats target Holland-Bukit Timah GRC
– The Temasek Review: We get exactly the government we deserve

Political Dialogue @NUSS
– Sgpolitics.net: Parties discuss election issues at political dialogue
– VotingRp: Fresh Challenges and the New Political Playing Field
– The Temasek Review: Report on Political Dialogue @NUSS forum
– YourSDP: SDP to focus on minimum wage and Singaporeans First Policy
– Vicky’s Writings: Political Dialogue at NUSS

The Great Escape of Mas婆婆 [liang puopuo]
– Chemical Generation Singapore: Shocking Intelligence Failure and Shocking Transparency
– Singapore Notes: A Family Affair
– TOC: Lipstick Jungle: Why we might have helped Mas Selamat escape
– The Void Deck: Mas: “Blood is Thicker Than Water Dudes”
– Unbranded Bread n Butter: Et Tu, Mas Selamat? Then fall, Asmoms.
– Civic Advocator: Where a Fugitive is a Family Member
– The Journey of a Decade: Everyone is into cross dressing…
– Ministry of Home Affiars: Ministerial Statement By The Minister For Home Affairs, 22 November 2010
– Sam’s thoughts: Mas Selamat saga: Communications management by the government and media [Recommended]
– TOC: Mas Selamat’s escape – It is about Govt incompetency, not race or religion
– Simply Gab: MSK saga – what we need now
– The Kent Ridge Common: Look closely: Missing points in Mas Selamat’s account?
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: Mas Selamat was staying in his brother’s home..
– Singapore Notes: MOE Is Just Following Regulations
– Balderdash: Mas Selamat, Family Loyalty and Asian Values
– My sketchbook: Mas Selamat’s escape revealed!
– Singapore Life and Times: Unkindest Cut
– TOC: Blaming Malay-Muslim community? Who?
– All Things Singapore: Oh Mas Selamat! U lucky devil
– Flickr: How they would find Mas Selamat

Housing Singaporeans
– Today Voices: It’s a question of supply
– Yawning Bread on WordPress: Housing minister’s frustratingly incomplete sales job, part 1 [Recommended]
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: Slaying of the Celtic Tiger…
– Chemical Generation Singapore: What Happens Next for the Property Market?
– Yawning Bread on WordPress: Housing minister’s frustratingly incomplete sales job, part 2 [Recommended]
– TOC: MND vs NMP: Round 2 TKO [Recommended]
– pressrun.net: Singapore property sales almost same as last year

Strangers in a Strange Land
– Yawning Bread on WordPress: Restore Ogawa Ryuju’s citizenship
– Singapore Notes: Still Fumbling After All Those Years
– FTP: ’1,000 foreigners invested S$1.5 billion to be S’pore PRs’
– pressrun.net: Expats highest paid in Singapore but little mixing with locals

Law and Order
– New Asia Republic: Should there be a Good Samaritan law in Singapore?
– Sam’s thoughts: Of Knives and Child Pornography [Recommended]
– guanyinmiao’s musings: Scholarships And Students: Discipline Integral, But Give Second Chances
– Today’s Mostly Cloudy: We are grooming mafias and pedophilias
– Singapore Kopi Tok: The SLA “Heist”
– Abdillah Zamzuri: MOE’s Yellow Brick Road
– Musings From the Lion City: Yes, We Can Judge
– Weekday Blues: Failure to Report
– Life of a simple boy: Political Dialogue
– Crisis Communication in the Era of Social Media: Jonathan Wong MOE Scholar Pleads Guilty to Child Pornography Charges
– The Temasek Review: Three main reasons why our youth joins gangs
– SpotlightOnSingapore: Youth violence and gangsterism: time for authorities to wake up?
– TOC: The Satirist Says: New excuse to ‘hit & run’ born
– Crisis Communication in the Era of Social Media: MacPherson School Slashing Incident: Where No Comment Says More than you Think

We are against capital punishment
– TOC: MARUAH supports call to suspend executions; ACLS calls for MDP to be abolished
– Singabloodypore: Foreign Office Minister “dismayed” as writer is jailed for expressing his views in Singapore
– TOC: AG Chambers makes extraordinary application to court
– Free Malaysia Today: Death of reason
– Feed Me To The Fish: Is Singapore Justice Really in the Dock?
– Singapore Notes: About That Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free Card

Singapore is a free country. Free from chewing gum, free from Playboy, free from transparency, free from a free press, free from free speec…
– The Kent Ridge Common: Much Ado about Freedom of Speech
– The Guardian: Singapore and press freedom

– TOC: Anti-gay laws continue to be used selectively, despite assurances – M Ravi
– The Kent Ridge Common: What would you be if you had more than 2 gender choices? : Transgender Awareness

The Rights of Being Singaporean
– Yawning Bread on WordPress: Singapore’s human rights subject to international peer review

Singaporeans are fed, up with progress!
– My Little Corner: Singapore has the 10th highest cost of living, but …
– The Temasek Review: Just a critique of the city from an undergrad standpoint

Minimum Wage
– Yours Truly Singapore: Minimum skills, not minimum wage
– New Asia Republic: Minimum skills, not minimum wage

It’s the economy, stupid
– TOC: Latest MTI statistics – Heading towards growth or recession?
– Tan Kin Lian’s Blog: Will Singapore face the same outcome as Ireland?
– Singapore Notes: Keeping You Awake At Nights
– My Little Corner: Inflation is up 3.5%
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: What S’pore and Ireland have in common?
– pressrun.net: Singapore household wealth grows with property boom

– VotingRP: W(h)ither Our CPF?

ERPains, Trains & Automobiles
– TOC: Bus overcharging, profits, ERP: A triple whammy?
– Spore Says Political Cartoon: Our MRT train
– Life of a simple boy: Remind me why are we paying millions for idiots..
– My sketchbook: Bus fares overcharge refund process
– TOC: Transitlink clarifies that commuters only need to go to top-up machines for refund

Re education
– department of crappy engineering: schooligans
– The Kent Ridge Common: In letter to Yale, Prof elucidates Singapore’s ‘academic reality’
– The Kent Ridge Common: MOE teachers: Just a number filler?

Singapore Coloring
– Flying Low: *shakes head*

Ministars Get Rich or Die Tryin
– Singapore Notes: When Less Is More

The Gospel of Harry
– Singapore Notes: Squeezing Blood Out Of Fossilised Stone

I don’t know what I’m defending anymore
– The Blue Sweater: What am I Defending, Part II

Your National Service
– mrbrown: Our Army, My Boyfriend

Healthcare & Healthcare Providers
– The Gigamole Diaries: IVF “lapses”
– FOOD fuels me to talk: Don’t be coy, tell all, please

Little Green Dot
– ACT by Olive Ventures: Support The Green Corridor in Singapore
– New Asia Republic: Shark Finning and the Privatization of Oceans

Daily Discourse
– pressrun.net: Singapore: A comfortable model
– I’m getting personal: Whither Asian values
– Laïcité: On the Pope, condoms and messed up priorities
– Just Rambling: S’pore’s Third Attempt to Set-up a Design Centre
– Li Jingxiang Facebook: The brain drain (and what really fills it)
– The Singapore Sports Fan Says: Shame on you, S-League, for even nominating Shahril for the Player of the Year Award in the first place.
– Yu-Kym’s Blog: Do you hate Singapore?
– Alexandria: Why the Left Loves Singapore: The CPF (Amended)
– Erwin Wirawan: The Rise of Smart Government
– day-to-day-notes: A very – engineered *society* – Singapore is…
– under a Pipala Tree: disconnected
– TOC: “Singapore needs a Helen Keller”
– R3Load.net: New Singapore Army TV Ad: My Boyfriend Barney.. [Thanks I.Z.]
– ST Forum: Motor claims. Extend compulsory insurance coverage to damage of third-party vehicles.
– ST Forum: Strategy behind buying term insurance
– New Asia Republic: Societal attitudes towards erotica and prostitution
– Seelan Palay’s Blog: C.V Devan Nair: Lee’s Betrayal of PAP and Singapore
– guanyinmiao’s musings: Empowering The National Family Council To Go Further
– Tan Kin Lian’s Blog: Victims of spas that closed down
– ST Forum: True service. ‘Ensure that insured patients do not need to fork out a single cent upfront.’

Life, the universe and everything
– TOC: Not-so-ordinary ordinary Singaporean – Leong Sze Hian
– Tribolum.com: Constant Change
– Nomadism: Where it has become a norm that Singapore man doesnt even expecct their Singaporean wife to know how to cook anymore.
– The Useless Tree: The Impossibility of a Confucian Society
– The Long and Winding Road: The area around Toa Payoh Library 37 years ago
– The boy who knew too much: Universal Studios, Singapore.
– deadpris: H&M Coming to Singapore FINALLY in 2011
– Moving Higher In Souped-up Heuristically Agon Moment: Angry Birds vs Pigs Peace Treaty
– Singapore Urban Explorers: The forgotten pier
– FTP: Teen apologises for tweeting picture of exam paper
– CNNGo Alexis Ong: The problem with Singapore men
– TOC: A special note
– this is premium writing, no?: the conspiracy to bring down the PAP
– Loyalty is Orange: Island of Small Dicks; A Long Long Time Ago..
– sheirynaisiqa Youtube: Singaporean Malay & Malaysian Malay: Are They Different? (Menolong Ben II)
– Singapore Sojourn: It Pays To Advertise
– The Kent Ridge Common: Inch Chua: a gem of Singapore’s music scene
– TOC: “Show your inner courage. Show your worth.”
– under a Pipala Tree: We deserve a Singaporean Thanksgiving
– Singapore Urban Explorers: Singapore did have movie studios
– Moving Higher In Souped-up Heuristically Agon Moment: HostGator Black Friday Promotion

– Singaporeans for Democracy: UPR: What’s next for Singapore NGOs
– XinYun @ SG: Event: Animation Nation 2010
– TOC: “Match Made” with the Reform Party this Saturday

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