Daily SG: 13 Dec 2010

The Gospel of Harry: Wikileaks Verses – Minion Cables
– pressrun.net: Tommy Koh quoted out of context in Wikileaks
– Loh and Behold: Embarrassing? Yes. Secret? Hardly! [Thanks Alan]
– Senang Diri: WikiLeaks Singapore: Singapore diplomats’ frank assessments on Southeast Asia
– Yawning Bread on WordPress: Wikileaks on Singapore worrying
– Readings From A Political Duo-ble: Wikileaks and Singapore’s reputation
– Singapore Notes: Talking Dickheads in MFA
– Singapore Sojourn: Entente Not So Cordiale
– Musings From the Lion City by Ghost: Get A Grip
– Singapore Life and Times: Leaky Hypocrites
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: S’pore Inc: Err what abt giving us the context, George?
– Tan Kin Lian’s Blog: WikiLeaks and George Yeo
– SMH: Big fat red faces for Singapore leaders
– The Malaysian Insider: Pakatan demands Singapore come clean on WikiLeaks sex expose
– Malaysiakini: Of WikiLeaks, S’pore spies and the SB

Countdown to Elections
– VotingRP: Productivity – The Key to Sustainable, Long-term Economic Growth
– Singapore Alternatives: The Battle of Tampines
– The Kent Ridge Common: The Socialist Front’s Public Forum on Rule of Law: A Review
– sylvia lim’s blog: Microcosm
– Lee Wai Leong Facebook: 10 things wrong with the “opposition” in Singapore (Part 2) [Thanks Lee]

Singapore is a free country. Free from chewing gum, free from Playboy, free from transparency, free from a free press, free from free speec…
– TOC: Press Muse – Grafting numbers
– Tan Kin Lian’s Blog: Tranparency International’s survey on corruption
– Think Centre: Think Centre Human Rights Day message 2010

Singaporeans are fed, up with progress!
– New Asia Republic: PAP: No need to retire at 62
– The Pattern Trader: Singapore Beware
– WSJ: Hong Kong vs. Singapore: Retirement

Housing Singaporeans
– TOC: HDB: MND vs NMP – Round 4
– Singapore Alternatives: Unsustainable Policy : HDB
– Spore Says Political Cartoon: Cooling measures for HDB

Healthcare & Healthcare Providers
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: Healthcare cost and Singapore’s medical hub aspiration…

Blueprint for a Sin City
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: Should casinos be allowed to lend money?
– Las Vegas Review Journal: INSIDE GAMING: 5 billion reasons to like Singapore

We are against capital punishment
– We Believe In Second Chances: Second Chances – Banner Painting

Singaporeans, a dying breed
– The Art Of Dumbspeak: What Babies REALLY Say About The Economy And Society

Little Green Dot
– New Asia Republic: Planning a Singaporean landscape to mitigate climate change

Daily Discourse
– Yawning Bread on WordPress: High court vexed when asked to think about law
– pressrun.net: Singapore income gap, education, life expectancy compared with other rich nations

Life, the universe and everything
– Ong Jiin Joo: When Help Given is Help Needed
– R3LOAD.NET: Singapore Toy Games Comic Convention 2010 Day 1 [Thanks IZ]

– sg_ljers: Short Film Makers Seek Male Lead.

Selected News Stories
– The Star: Singapore spirit blows hot and cold
– The Age: ASX must renegotiate a Singapore deal that is truly in Australia’s interest [Thanks Mike]
– SMH: Singapore the clear winner in an unfair exchange
– Raw Story: WikiLeaks supporters download ‘Low Orbit Ion Cannon’ software en masse
– AlJazeeraEnglish: Inside Story – WikiLeaks special: Assange: hero or villain? [Youtube]

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