Daily SG: 12 Jan 2011

To Fix a Kingmaker
– TOC: MDA Demands Registration of TOC
– TOC: TOC rebutts ‘Kingmaker’ misquote in Zaobao
– The Temasek Review: TOC wants an apology from LianHe ZaoBao
– New Asia Republic: ‘Kingmaker’ TOC to be Gazetted
– Sgpolitics.net: Gazetting group blogs as political associations is oppressive
– The Kent Ridge Common: TOC, Gazetted: Another (Less Sensationalist) View
– Unbranded Bread n Butter: The Online Citizen (TOC) or The Opposition Kingmaker (TOK)?
– Singapore Kopi Tok: “Kingmaker” and “PAP-Breaker” – Political and Proud of It?
– Icarus Flew Too High: No Time for Tame Lions: The State vs TOC
– My Singapore News: TOC to be gazetted as a political association [Thanks kung]
– Where Bears Roam Free: TOC had it coming [Thanks kung]
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall”
– The Temasek Review: Temasek Review: Where do we go from here?
– FTP: Gov’t to gazette political blog ‘The Online Citizen’

Housing Singaporeans
– ST Forum: Few knew of HDB’s provision for unmarried citizen siblings

Twilight in Paradise – The R&R Act
– Singapore Notes: Half Cooked Law Passed By Parliament

We are against capital punishment
– TOC: Glenn Lim – from facing death to becoming an inspiration

Blueprint for a Sin City
– Wild Singapore News: Dolphins were kept in ‘appalling conditions’
– ST Forum: Dolphins, ethics and Resorts World Sentosa

Daily Discourse
– guanyinmiao’s musings: Don’t Dismiss Socio-Political Content And Websites Too Readily
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Managing people, the S’pore way
– TOC: My Wish List for S-league 2011
– The Singapore Sports Fan Says: A black day for Singapore sports, thanks to the Singapore Badminton Association
– The Useless Tree: Amy Chua is a Legalist Mother

Life, the universe and everything
– New Nation: Finding Farquhar’s backyard
– Social Media and Digital Marketing in Singapore: 3 Reasons Why Foursquare Should Succeed In Singapore, And 2 Reasons Why It Hasn’t
– The Long and Winding Road: The good food guide: the Garmin-Asus Navigation Smart Phone

– SGEntrepreneurs: Events For The Week – 8-15 Jan

Selected News Stories
– Vanity Fair: The Man Who Spilled the Secrets
– The Economist: The crucible of print
– The Guardian: Why do editorials remain anonymous?
– TechCrunch: Can Google Get Its Mojo Back?
– Ars Techinca: Lords of the rings: understanding tree ring science
– The Guardian: CES 2011 roundup: tablet strategies, chip strategies, 3D TV, smart TV, and MIAs
– Kevin Rose blogg: Rumor: iPad 2 is coming soon!

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