Daily SG: 17 Mar 2011

Singapore General Election 2011
Opposition Parties
– SDP: Budget 2011: $800 for us, millions for themselves
– Alternative Voice for Singaporeans: Something that hurts..
– Young PAP: Young PAP Political Discussion: “Working To Win In Singapore’s Economy Ahead”

Bloggers say
– New Asia Republic: Are Singapore’s electoral practices legal?
– Yawning Bread on WordPress: When you should vote PAP
– Icarus Flew Too High: Tweet carefully…
– just rambling: Urbanism and PAP’s election campaign
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: An unnoticed election rule change
– The Temasek Review: How will Singapore be today if David Marshall had been PM instead of Lee Kuan Yew
– New Nation: Message to Opposition: Don’t forget to whack the PAP [Thanks Bryan]

Japan Tsunami
– Ong Jiin Joo: Staying focused and happy at the same time
– SpotlightOnSingapore: Nuclear accidents: oppose Indonesia nuclear energy plans

Singapore Coloring
– Singapore Notes: Is There A Racist In The Room?

Re education
– The Temasek Review: Singapore Teachers Hate MOE`s EPMS

Daily Discourse
– AlterNet Views: A Singaporean Economic Refugee

Life, the universe and everything
– Barnyard Chorus: The obsesity and BMI divide.
– blankanvas: home pride dharni

Selected News Stories
– USA Today: Coveting Singapore’s public housing system
– The Jakarta Globe: Catastrophe Makes Clear Indonesia Isn’t Ready for Nuclear Power, Experts Warn
– Wired: Video: Hike the 2,200-Mile Appalachian Trail in 4 Minutes
– Katamari Hack: This is a “bookmarklet” that turns any page into Katamari Damacy.

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