Daily SG: 21 Apr 2011

Opposition Parties
– Gerald Giam: Introduction as a WP candidate
– Chia Ti Lik: Socialist Front’s Statement at 15th April 2011 Press Conference – On the Front’s Withdrawal from General Election 2011
– WP: Your Vote Is Secret
– Support Site for The Unemployed: Which are the strong opposition parties this GE?
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: KennethJ: Dice not falling his way
– TOC: Workers’ Party introduces first slate of candidates
– Jacob 69er: {Video} Dr James Gomez explains why PAP’s track record is poor and calls for a public debate
– New Asia Republic FB: Chee Soon Juan in secret talk with Tan Jee Say [Thanks D]

New Mandarins on the Block
– Kent Ridge Common: Why many have chosen Nicole Seah over Tin Pei Ling
– The Satay Club: Tin Pei Ling, meet Nicole Seah
– Arra’s World: Why Singaporeans are outraged by the idea of Tin Pei Ling in a GRC, but not MG Chan Chun Sing [Thanks Annabel]
– IZ Reloaded: Celebrity Deathmatch: Nicole Seah vs Tin Pei Ling [Thanks IZ]

PAP Manisfesto
– Global Voices Online: Singapore: Bloggers Criticize PAP Manifesto
– GE 2011 Media: Opinions matter But no comments please [Thanks ge2011media]

– New Asia Republic: The dilemma of housing Singaporeans [Thanks D]
– On Nation and State: Political Factcheck: Land prices are a total distraction to the housing debate
– Singapore Notes: The Toxic Assets of Mah Bow Tan
– why liddat?: Mah Bow Tan’s fear-mongering
– ST Forum: Find right balance in housing
– ST forum: Singles left to fend for themselves in HDB market

Gutter politics, gerrymandering, pork barrels, mud slings, character assassinations, FUD.. Welcome to SG GE 2011!
– Sgpolitics.net: Chen Show Mao and the PAP’s politics of distraction
– De Leviathan @ SG: Personal attacks on WP’s Chen will ‘backfire’..
– Singapore Notes: Separating Pearls From Swine
– Abdillah Zamzuri: Why Singapore Needs A Multi-Party Government
– Yawning Bread on WordPress: Deadlock bogeyman
– Hun Boon: How Singapore’s Election Deposits have increased over the years
– ST Forum: His view of a First World Parliament
– ST Forum: NCMP scheme has no precedent either
– ST Forum: Chen and the second political awakening
– ST Forum: Not a myth if it hasn’t happened
– ST Forum: Let’s focus on the real issues

Casinos and Gambling
– ST Forum: Singapore Pools, Turf Club adding to gambling concerns
– CNBC: Singapore On Track To Overtake Vegas As Second-Largest Gaming Center

– ST Forum: Govt better placed to serve commuters with nationalisation

Defense / National Service
– Senang Diri: Election watch 2011: National Service

Environmental responsibility and sustainability
– Vinyarb: Green issues and the SG Elections

Bloggers say
– Empty Vessel: Thoughts before the elections
– New Nation: Vote out of belief, not fear
– Fearfully Opinionated: Which insurance salesman should you buy from?
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: GE 2011 : Time for change..
– Chapter Two: Reload: The curious thing called vote [Welcome back Aaron]
– Sgpolitics.net: Yaacob Ibrahim proposes that Malay be taught as foreign language to halt decline in fluency
– Singapore Sojourn: The Ides of..May? [Thanks Roger]
– Support Site for The Unemployed: Online interview with a married female PMET in Tampines GRC
– TOC: Mother-to-be ponders on General Election
– All Things Singapore: Of the introductory dramas
– Abdillah Zamzuri: Understanding Workers Party Manisfesto
– The Satay Club: Experts predict swing against PAP
– Kent Ridge Common: NUS postpones exams on the 7th May
– New Nation: GE battleground
– East Asian Affairs: Singapore’s General Elections 2011 [Thanks Kirsten]
– Talk Rock: Nicole Seah is my favourite new election XMM!!!!!
– GE 2011 Media: MAO [Thanks ge2011media]
– ST Forum: A welcome wind of change

The Noose
– Wend Right: Editing Epic FAIL: It Ain’t Right
– pressrun.net: Straits Times ‘state newspaper’, says Associated Press
– Ravi Philemon: PAP candidates and msm – please grow up
– CNA: NSP unveils five new candidates for Marine Parade GRC
– CNA: SDP confirms it will contest 2 GRCs, 2 SMCs
– CNA: Kenneth Jeyaretnam to head Reform Party’s West Coast GRC bid
– CNA: Professionals, former civil servants among SPP volunteers
– CNA: neesoon.org iPad giveaway contest halted
– Today: Three-cornered fights still expected
– Yahoo: Which are the strong opposition parties this GE?
– Bernama: Singapore’s Opposition Fielding Qualified Candidates For General Election/A>
– The Economist:
The Men In White Are Always Right [Thanks A]

We are against capital punishment
– We Believe In Second Chances: Letters from Vui Kong – The First Letter: Prison Life [Thanks Kirsten]
– NYT: Singapore and the Death Penalty

Daily Discourse
– New Asia Republic: Zoom Out: Malaysia’s Democracy is Blossoming [Thanks D]

– Moving Higher In Souped-up Heuristically Agon Moment: European Union Film Festival in Singapore

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