Daily SG: 4 May 2011

Singapore 2011 General Elections
Potong Pasir SMC – SPP
Open field bounded by Upp Serangoon Road , Meyappa Chettiar & Potong Pasir Ave 1

Aljunied GRC – WP
Open field bounded by Ubi Road 3, Ubi Ave 1 and Ubi Ave 2

West Coast GRC – RP
Clementi Stadium, 10 West Coast Walk

Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC – SDA
Open field bounded by Sengkang Central, Sengkang East Road , Sengkang East Ave and Buangkok Drive , beside Buangkok MRT Station

Tampines GRC – NSP
Tampines Stadium, 25 Tampines St 82

Sembawang GRC – SDP
Woodlands Stadium, 1 Woodlands St 13

All rallies start at 7 pm and ends at 10 pm

Raffles Place Lunchtime Rally
– Chemical Generation Singapore: A Time for “Sorry” Showmanship
– Molitics: How the PAP Can Get it Right
– The Satay Club: Sorry seems to be the hardest word
– Majulah!: PAP’s GE2011 PR Catastrophe
– Figuring how faith fits into this world: Sorry seems to be the hardest word
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Bit too late PAP
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Err PM, whatever happened to monitoring?
– Balderdash: Real Apologies vs Pseudo-Apologies
– The Kent Ridge Common: Man protests at PAP Raffles Place rally

– Mr Wang Says So: PAP’s Cynthia Phua And Her Most Famous Moment as an Aljunied MP
– The Satay Club: ‘What has he done to deserve this?’
– Singapore Notes: You Need Him Like A Hole In The Head
– Desmon Mao FB: The Hard Truths about an Aljunied Voter’s Dilemma

Bukit Panjang
– Jacob 69er: {Video} Healing With Care: SDP’s shadow health plan [James Gomez speech]
– Jacob 69er: a href=”http://jacob69.wordpress.com/2011/05/04/video-ex-isa-detainee-vincent-chengs-speech-at-sdps-2nd-may-rally/”>{Video} Ex-ISA detainee Vincent Cheng’s speech at SDP’s 2nd May rally
– Youtube: SDP’s Vincent Wijeysingha at Bukit Panjang SMC rally, May 3
– Youtube: SDP’s Michelle Lee at Bukit Panjang SMC rally, May 3
– Youtube: SDP’s James Gomez at Bukit Panjang SMC rally, May 3

Punggol East
– Youtube: WP’s Low Thia Khiang at Punggol East SMC rally, May 3
– Youtube: WP’s Pritam SIngh at Punggol East SMC rally, May 3
– Youtube: WP’s Lee Li Lian at Punggol East SMC rally, May 3

Chua Chu Kang
– Youtube: NSP’s Nicole Seah at Chua Chu Kang GRC rally, May 3

Holland Bukit Timah
– Sgpolitics.net: Dr Wong Wee Nam’s speech at SDP rally on 02 May

– Hun Boon’s Blog: Lui Tuck Yew failed to “disengage at an opportune time”

– TOC: “I am more than a match for Mr Lim Biow Chuan”

Toa Payoh Bishan
– Hun Boon’s Blog: Quick impressions of SPP rally at Bishan Stadium on 2 May

West Coast
– TOC: “Change is coming to Singapore!” : Reform Party

– TOC: Letter to Mah Bow Tan

– Abdillah Zamzuri: Can Hawazi Really Help You Solve Problems?

– TOC FB: PAP activities in Hougang – a resident’s account

Misc Rally Articles
– TOC: Exclusive TOC pictures from the rallies – 2 May
– The Satay Club: Rally roundup: Day six

Opposition Parties
– Words of the Cze: The Reform Party 2011

Gutter politics, gerrymandering, pork barrels, mud slings, character assassinations, FUD.. Welcome to SG GE 2011!
– Sgpolitics.net: Mr Low Thia Khiang refutes Mrs Lim Hwee Hua’s allegations
– The Satay Club: Low hits back at PAP accusations
– De Leviathan @ SG: Mrs Lim HH, here’s Mr Low Thia Khiang’s Reply!
– TOC: Getting away with hubris and arrogance
– TOC: Track record – of PAP or the public service?
– TOC: Foreign workers and the PAP strawman
– TOC: No evidence in MM Lee’s claims on HDB prices
– innersanctum: rule by fear
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: PAP : Uninspiring, Unintelligent and Under the belt campaign
– Molitics: Election Madness: Flogging a Zombie Horse
– A Singaporean says: Distraction of “track records” [Thanks sp]
– Alamak: A Warning at the Polling Booth [Thanks alamaksg]
– My Political Soapbox: The Indispensability Insinuation [Thanks M]

– TOC: HDB – Shorter loans better?

Minister Salaries
– Think Happiness: My President’s Millions
– Desparatebeep: Salaries – I’m Simply Not Making Enough!

Towards a first world parliament
– New Asia Republic: Out of Third World but Lost in Transition
– TOC: Single-party govt made up of elites and scholars not good for S’pore
– Molitics: The KPIs of Reality

The Father, The Son and The Peanut Goh
– Singapore Recalcitrant: A Disoriented Senior Minister
– Singapore Dino: PAP becomes increasingly rattled
– The Blue Sweater: Debate, Discrediting, and Disarray
– The Sun Shines on Singapore: PAP Infighting
– Feed Me To The Fish: Trinity No More?
– Yawning Bread on WordPress: Papsicles 5
– TOC: PAP changing tack but same weak arguments
– The Satay Club: PAP tries to change its image
– Thetwophilo’s Blog: Father and son playing bad cop, good cop? [Thanks yl]
– Icarus Flew Too High: The crumbling world of the PAP’s house to house.
– The Temasek Review: Lee Hsien Loong invites netizens for online ‘chat’ on PAP Facebook tomorrow
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: PAP: Hawker analogy

Bloggers say
– The Satay Club: 1991: Then and now
– New Asia Republic: Putting NTUC into context
– Die neue Welle: I Am Singaporean IX – “Making Rational Choices”
– My Political Soapbox: Life Experiences Do Not Necessarily Define The Competence of Political Candidates
– TOC: “We can do so much better”
– TOC: Open letter from Tan Kin Lian
– groundnotes: GE 2011: What it all comes down to
– New Asia Republic: Technocracy & Democracy, Effectiveness & Popularity
– New Nation: Why we should care about the elections
– Singapore Notes: A Grave Matter Of Defence
– the paradoX files: GE102: ‘Aliens’ and the Singapore Matrix
– Foxy Thoughts: A Turning Point?
– Yours Toothfully: Tough Choices
– A Singaporean says: Fallacy of the letter-writing MP [Thanks sp]
– The Satay Club: A Friday surprise?
– TOC: Do more than just being online!
– New Nation: A virgin’s dream: When Lee Kuan Yew admits to loving Singapore, even the opposition
– Balderdash: Observations/Conversations – 3rd May 2011 (Sedition)
– mrbrown: Seen in a Tampines stall: open discontent
– life one degree north, one-o-three degrees east: Minority and the GRC
– Of Kids and Education: What the GE means for me and why I want to vote Ngiam Tong Dow as President [Thanks Ashton]
– GE 2011 Media: Darth Vader PAP supporter [Thanks ge2011media]

The Noose
– Boycott TNP The New Paper FB: Stop Gutter Journalism
– The Temasek Review: Did TNP editor Melvin Singh LIE about SDP candidates informing him of Dr Chee’s ‘protest’?
– SpotlightOnSingapore: Boycott TNP, The New Paper: Straits Times equally biased
– Bloomberg: Deal Lawyer Chen Makes Initial Offering in Singapore Elections
– The Economist: Repent, sinners, if thou shalt vote for the opposition [Thanks A]
– CNA: GE: Second party political broadcast on May 6

Check out more from The Sketch Times: A Comic on Mythmaking , The MPs, Slapper, Sleeping Driver [Thanks thesketch]

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